Tel Aviv (GPA– The Western powers have swooped in to defend the White Helmets again, this time finally evacuating them from Syria – and bring them home.
white helmets evacuation al qaeda
The White Helmets and Al Qaeda
Image: Activist Post

Al Qaeda’s favorite field medics have finally gotten their last gift from their western patrons, who upon seeing the end of the writing on the wall in Syria, have decided to evacuate their proxies.

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The news of the White Helmets evacuation came over the weekend following a series of events that signaled that the western powers have both realized that their contras have lost the war as well as further acknowledged the legitimacy of Russia’s presence in.

This seeming renewed willingness to work with Russia was displayed over this past week by a meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as well as the first joint aid mission carried out by the Russian and French governments.

All of this rapid progress can primarily be attributed to the fact the Syrian Arab Army, along with their Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah allies has wiped out almost all bastions of Western-backed terror throughout the country. With few remaining places for the US and allies takfiri proxies to run, it now seems that the only option left for the US and Co. is to evacuate their assets, some possibly for another war and others to be sheltered in NATO and allied countries.

The White Helmets go west

The first steps of this evacuation took place over the weekend when it was announced Israel had snuck an estimated 422 of a planned 800 members of the White Helmets and their families over the Syrian border into Jordan in the dead of night. According to sources familiar with the matter, these evacuated “aid workers” are expected to be relocated to the UK, Germany, and Canada within three months.

This, reasonably, may be a cause for concern among the more attentive citizens of these countries due to the White Helmets direct ties to Al Qaeda. This has been shown time and again and if you don’t question how the White Helmets move freely throughout Al Qaeda territory there are plenty of photos to directly show the two groups connection.

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Yet none of this matters to western governments, of course, and according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said “In the last few days, United States President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” asked for his help in this operation. This should make it abundantly clear that these leaders aren’t concerned with actually fighting terror and that it is an even lower priority than helping their friends who helped fake some chemical attacks.

The facts are very clear that the White Helmets are just a “hearts and minds” side-project under the umbrella of Al Qaeda and for western leaders to aid in evacuating them should be a source of national shame.

Some of the world’s most brutal criminals are now, not only being saved by the west but also brought to live there, among the people they hate. Don’t be surprised if at some point you see these White Helmet’s names again, either in a new imperialist proxy war or possibly closer to home.


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