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Libya: Rivals Haftar and Serraj to Meet in Cairo

ISIS IN ACTION A suspected Islamic State (ISIS) arms cache containing unguided air-to-ground bombs and fuel was reportedly found by Libyan National Army (LNA) units approximately 90km south of Nawfaliya, a town east of Sirte. On 11 February, Misrata’s Air Academy chief said that ISIS cells are regrouping in the regions south-west of Misrata, near […]

Congolese Soldiers Kill at Least 101 in Militia Clashes: UN

Libya and Italy Sign Migration Deal

After Liberation from ISIS, Security in Sirte is Breaking Down

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Russia Allegedly Violates Treaty With US by Deploying New Cruise Missiles

Washington D.C. (GPA) – Russia has allegedly finished the development of a new class of cruise missiles and deployed them in what may be a violation of a landmark arms control agreement between the Soviet Union and the US. The missiles had already been considered as a violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) […]

NATO Provokes Russia in Black Sea Before Defense Ministers’ Meeting

In Response to NATO, Russia Plans Their Own Drills Near Baltics

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New Military Alliance to Be Formed in Middle East

Combining available information to get the whole picture, one can see the situation in the Middle East changing drastically, especially as the US strategy is reviewed and new alliances are formed. The Trump administration is in talks with Middle East allies about forming a military alliance that would share intelligence with Israel to help counter […]

Geopolitics Alert Podcast: Trump, Iran, Yemen, and the Gulf

Pentagon: ‘Possible’ U.S. Will Put Boots on the Ground in Syria

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U.K. Weapons Export Head Warned Ministers to Stop Sales to Saudis

London (GPA) – In the first day of testimony in the U.K.’s high court hearings on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, it’s been shown that many of Britain’s top civil servants warned the government to at least freeze sales. Today in England’s high court, emails were reviewed from civil servants such as the head of […]

New Poll Shows 2/3 of Brits Want Leaders to Stop Arming Saudis

Nikki Haley Perpetuates Lies About Ukraine

Asia Middle East Pakistan Saudi Arabia

Saudis Deport 40,000 Pakistanis Out of ‘Fear of Terror’

Riyadh (GPA) – Saudi Arabia has reportedly deported over 39,000 Pakistani workers over the past four months for alleged visa violations and heightened threats of terrorism but some speculate there’s more to the story. According to the Saudi Gazette, the Saudi government claims that the recent deportation of 39,000 Pakistanis is the result of criminal investigations, […]

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Afghanistan Saw Record Civilian Casualties Last Year, Trump Keeps up Pace

Helmand, Afghanistan – (GPA) Civilian casualties hit record numbers in Afghanistan in 2016. 18 civilians lost their lives just last week. Could the international community’s disdain for President Trump finally force the US to be held accountable for war crimes and civilian deaths? Maybe not, but at least mainstream media is reporting on it. Civilian […]

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Trump Pledges to Uphold ‘One China’ Policy After Call With Xi

Washington D.C. (GPA) – In a reversal of his previous statements, Donald Trump has reversed his thinking on ending the ‘One China’ after a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump may be evolving on the plausibility of one of his largest campaign promises, the idea of ‘getting tough’ with China. It seems that there […]

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