April 20, 2018 | GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Day: April 20, 2018

HDP Rally Turkey pro-kurdish MPs

Turkey Strips Two Pro-Kurdish MPs of Parliamentary Status

Ankara (MEE) – Move comes a day after the president called snap polls in June, reducing opposition HDP party’s strength further after a series of similar moves. Turkey’s parliament said it had stripped two MPs from the pro-Kurdish opposition party of their parliamentary status on Thursday, further reducing its strength in the assembly two months before a snap […]

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Saudi-led Coalition Jets Take More Lives of Yemeni Civilians in Hodaidah

Sana’a (YE) – Saudi-led coalition jets keep targeting everything in Yemen, military and civilian, all over the country despite the calls of international humanitarian organizations to end its war on Yemen. According to a military official, five Yemeni civilians were killed in an initial toll on Thursday as the jets of Saudi-led coalition waged three strikes […]

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There’s no End to Washington’s “Invade, Destroy, Repeat” Mantra

Washington D.C. (NEO) – Aggression in all shapes and forms has been for a long time the tool of choice for Washington in its approach towards all of its foreign policy challenges. There are more confirmations of this notion in history that you will be willing to check up and those become particularly relevant today […]

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