Sana’a (GPA) – Yemenis filled the streets of the country’s capital– Sana’a– to commemorate al-Quds Day. Speakers called for Arab unity against terrorism and condemned Saudi Arabia as the world sponsor of terror.

Millions around the world took to the streets today to honor the final day of Ramadan with protests against the Zionist state of Israel.

Tens of thousands marched in Sana’a today to display solidarity with Palestine and condemn Saudi Arabia for their oppression of the Yemeni people and warming relations with Zionist Israel.

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President of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh Alsmad, called out Saudi Arabia as the world sponsor of terror. “So-called resistance movements against ‘terrorism’ are worthless. The Saudi regime is at the top of all systems involved in the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. The Saudi regime has submitted to normalization openly and fully with the Israeli enemy.

Saudi Arabia is the leading contributor to spreading extremist, hate-filled ideology throughout the region. Which, along with support from the United States, has caused indefinite sectarian violence throughout a large portion of the world.

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Just recently, Saudi Arabia has also taken measures to normalize relations with the Zionist state of Israel. Israel has also reportedly deployed over a dozen aircraft to Saudi Arabia supposedly at the behest of the new crown prince. Whether or not this is true, Saudi relations with Israel definitely appear to be warming. Which will only further grow regional resistance to the Saudi regime.

Minister Mohammad Zubairi called for the Arab world to unite in resistance and develop a concrete resistance framework to tackle Saudi-US-Zionist terrorism.


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