Sana’a (GPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition has launched yet another terror attack on yet another Yemeni wedding. The most recent prior similar attack took place in late April of this year. It’s common for the U.S.-Saudi coalition to target civilians gathering en mass at funerals, celebrations, refugee camps, and crowded weekend markets.
  • 22 civilians in Saada province were killed or injured after U.S.-supplied warplanes attacked a wedding.
  • This is just one of several similar terror attacks in the past few weeks.
  • The Saudi coalition relies on the United States for weapons logistical support for selecting airstrike targets.

U.S.-Saudi Strike on Wedding in Yemen is Just the Latest Mass Terror Attack on Civilians

The most recent Yemeni wedding attack took place on Tuesday in Saada province. Saada province might be subjected to more airstrike attacks on homes, cars, and civilian infrastructure than any other province. Rescuers are still working on retrieving bodies from the rubble. The majority of the victims appear to be children — many are very young under five.

Warplanes continued hovering over the site of the attack leading rescue teams, news crews, and civilians to expect a double-tap attack was imminent. It’s common for the Saudi coalition to carry out multiple airstrikes on the same target after medical workers and media personnel arrive. In May, warplanes launched a double-tap attack on a home. They’ve also launched successive attacks on markets and many other targets.

Just before the wedding, warplanes attacked a home in Saada province killing one woman. Also on the same day of the Yemeni wedding attack, the U.S.-Saudi coalition launched airstrikes on a farm in Hajjah province killing three and injuring two.

The coalition has launched several attacks on homes and farms in Saada without reports of victims at this point. Emirati naval forces attacked fishermen near Hodeidah this week.

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In Hodeidah, three were injured and three killed after warplanes attacked a school. The United Arab Emirates is leading an operation known as “Golden Victory” to invade and occupy Hodeidah port so the Saudi coalition has increased their airstrikes here.

Last week, the U.S.-Saudi coalition launched a series of mass attacks killing or injuring at least 85 civilians. The most gruesome war crime targeted a bus full of civilians fleeing the airstrikes in Hodeidah.

Shortly after this attack, warplanes targeted a Hodeidah home. The powerful blast destroyed neighboring homes, killed nine, and injured 20. Eight of those killed belonged to the same family and the majority were children — the youngest of which was just three months old.

It’s common for Saudi Arabia’s air force to target refugees. In April, warplanes bombed a refugee camp in Hodeidah killing seven. Almost all of the victims were children or babies.

Ansarullah’s legal department spokesman called on the UN envoy to take a position on these blatant war crimes.

The United States provides Saudi Arabia with full military support and assistance with weapons, fuel, training, logistics, and intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets.

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