Sana’a (GPA) – The Yemeni Sniper Unit, operating beyond Saudi borders in the provinces of Najran, Asir, and Jizan, has reported nearly 300 confirmed retaliatory kills of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries this year to-date.

231 Saudi soldiers and 63 mercenaries– a total of 296 fighters– have been killed in the first half of 2017 by the YSU. Which carries out a special operation beyond Saudi borders on a number of fronts in Najran, Asir, and Jizan. With most hits coming out of Jizan.

As the Saudi-coalition wages most of their war against Yemen in the form of airstrikes targeting civilian infrastructure and homes, Yemen’s Popular Forces have expanded their ground war into Saudi territory in an effort to bring the war “closer to home” for the Saudis. Especially since the Saudi’s war against Yemen is a breach of Yemen’s sovereignty.

[Video] Yemeni Sniper Kills 2 Saudi Fighters With One Bullet

It is in these provinces the Yemeni Sniper Unit operates taking-out Saudi-backed fighters on the ground as other Yemeni fighters destroy Saudi military outposts, weapons, and vehicles. The YSU operates with such professionalism and precision that even their enemy felt the need to give them recognition. Just a few months ago, Maj. Gen. al-Qubayban, a retired Saudi general and military analyst described the Yemeni Sniper Unit as precisely developing sniping into an “art” and powerful force.

Just today, Yemen’s Popular Forces carried out a number of operations in Jizan and Asir bombarding Saudi locations. In Asir, Yemeni forces targeted an army compound killing a number of fighters and destroying military equipment. In Najran a score of Saudi fighters were killed by a an improvised explosive device.

Yemeni Forces Annihilate Saudi Warship [VIDEO]

This first of all demonstrates the Saudis lack of any ability to carry out a successful ground war– even with the backing from the United States in the form of weapons, military advisers, and intelligence. It also demonstrates the Saudis’ ruthlessness against the Yemeni people. Where Saudi warplanes float through the skies and bomb civilians, Yemeni forces and the sniper unit precisely hit military targets.


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