Sana’a (GPA) Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees have launched multiple defensive and retaliatory attacks within the past 24 hours against terrorist Saudi forces.

Yemeni Success in Multiple Operations

On Wednesday, Yemeni Air Defense Forces in Saada province launched a surface-to-air missile at a Saudi F15 warplane circling the skies. Although the plane did not crash, the missile did hit its target causing damage to the aircraft.

Yemeni forces previously announced that any plane entering their skies would be considered fair targets due to the ongoing airstrikes against civilian areas. The Saudi coalition frequently targets civilian homes in Saada province. Not long after the F15 incident, warplanes returned to bomb a home which killed or injured 17 people — mostly women and children.

This isn’t the first time Yemeni Air Defense Forces have struck U.S.-supplied aircraft. In January, Yemeni forces shot down a Tornado fighter jet as well as an F15 hovering over the skies of Saada and Sana’a provinces respectively. These operations potentially saved many lives. A strong air defense system is crucial for Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees to protect civilians from the invading US-backed Saudi warplanes.

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The official spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Sharaf Ghalib Luqman, spoke about the event. “Yemen has military capabilities that enable it to confront modern American technologies in the air and on the ground, and this will be revealed through achievements at the near-target level to enemy forces and strategic locations,” he said. Brigadier General Luqman also said that Yemen will continue improving its air defense and other military capabilities in response to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’ refusal to engage in peace negotiations.

Striking an F15 isn’t the only success Yemeni forces have reported within the past day. This morning, Yemeni media announced that forces operating behind enemy lines launched a short-range ballistic missile at a Saudi Aramco oil facility in Najran province.

Yemen’s most recent success came in combination with the Aramco attack this morning. Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees carried out an operation on a Saudi military outpost in Najran province behind enemy lines.

Yemeni forces expanded their operations beyond the Saudi border in retaliation for the ongoing airstrike campaign which overwhelmingly targets civilians.

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Responding to the Ongoing Saudi Airstrikes, Invasion, and Devastating Blocakde

Last summer, President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi announced that Yemeni forces would expand defensive operations to include economic targets like oil facilities and airports. Al-Houthi urged all workers to evacuate facilities and seek new employment for their own safety. At the time, al-Houthi said that these attacks on economic targets would continue in response to the blockade which restricts all land, sea, and air imports, exports, and the flow of movement.

The blockade has forced eight million Yemenis into famine. An additional 18 million face food insecurity. Countless others totaling in the tens of thousands require immediate medical care and cannot leave the country for treatment. Patients with renal failure, diabetes, and cancer as well as pregnant women are most affected by the shortage of medical supplies and staff in the war-torn country.

Shortage of sanitation equipment, salaries, and access to clean water have also triggered a cholera epidemic completely unprecedented in modern times. Nearly 1 million people became infected last year while roughly 5 thousand lost their lives to the preventable illness. It’s not uncommon for the Saudi coalition to target water treatment facilities with airstrikes.

This is no accident. The United States and Saudi Arabia use starvation and disease as tactics to beat Yemen into submission and deteriorate morale within the country.

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Yemen’s Air Defense Forces and Popular Committees strike F15 warplane with a surface-to-air missile:


Yemeni forces behind enemy lines storm Saudi military site:



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