Mokha (GPA) – As Saudi Arabia showers nearly all of Yemen with airstrikes to cause terror and supplement a ground offensive, Yemen’s Popular Forces repel the invading Saudi-backed troops on the ground.

In the northern district of Midi, Yemeni forces successfully targeted Saudi forces on the ground and shot down a Saudi reconnaissance drone. 7 airstrikes were reported. A Sudanese commander was also reportedly killed in Midi last week by Yemeni forces.

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Beyond the Saudi border in Najran, Jizan and Asir Yemeni forces sniped and launched rockets at Saudi-backed troops, vehicles, tanks and a weapons storage facility; effectively repelling any Saudi-backed advances. In Najran several Saudi fighters fled the scene in fear.

Saudi-backed mercenaries flee Yemen’s Popular Forces in Najran.

In Marib, Yemeni forces also successfully targeted Saudi-backed troops and vehicles amid heavy airstrikes from the Saudi coalition. Saudi aggression seems to have increased in Marib recently as the Saudi coalition attempts to close-in on Resistance forces around the capital city of Sana’a.

Taiz is an area currently subject to fierce ongoing battles between Saudi mercenaries and Yemen’s Popular Resistance forces. Many residential areas of Taiz were subject to Saudi airstrikes over the past few days. Leaving scores of homes destroyed and civilians killed. The lack of oversight on Saudi Arabia’s behalf even led to “accidentally” bombing their own militia.

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In the port district of Mokha, Yemeni forces targeted Saudi mercenaries and Sundanese forces. Successfully storming Saudi-held areas and repelling advances. The Saudi coalition reportedly dropped cluster bombs over Mokha as recently as yesterday.

In the past week, Yemen’s military reports at least 80 Saudi mercenaries have been killed and 120 injured.

Video: Yemeni forces take out Saudi tank with heat-seeking missile in Najran.



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