Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s Popular Forces have reported June operations successful and announced new offensives against Saudi-backed fighters in northern provinces. Meanwhile, infighting breaks out between forces loyal to the Saudi coalition in the south.

Despite losing minimal territory to Saudi-backed forces on the Serwah front in Marib, Yemeni forces declare their operations for the month of June successful. Yemen’s Popular Forces inflicted a significant amount of damage upon both fighters and equipment belonging to the Saudi-coalition.

At least 225 Saudi-backed fighters belonging to various local militias (including the Reform Party  al-Islah, Yemen’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) were killed just in the past 10 days. This is significant because for the past 10 days Saudi warplanes have been bombing areas of Marib an average of 60 times each day. Not only were hundreds of militants killed, but Yemeni forces also burned and destroyed Saudi military equipment including vehicles and weapons supplies.

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Credit: كرار المؤيد

Yemen’s Popular Forces also announced carrying out two new surprise operations in the northern province of Jouf. This resulted in the deaths of Saudi-backed militants and loss of military equipment. West of the current Jouf offensive, Yemen’s Ansarullah forces have already extended operations into the Saudi-provinces of Najran, Asir, and Jizan which were previously part of Yemen.

Fighters were also able to carry out a surprise attack on the Nehm front. Which thwarted attempts from the Saudi-backed militants advancing toward the capital city of Sana’a.

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Meanwhile further south, Saudi-coalition UAE-backed forces are currently battling each other in Aden. Where militants from the Southern Transitional Council and Aden Security Forces are each trying to establish a base inside a local stadium. The Southern Transitional Council Adheres to UAE leadership, while certain factions within the Aden Security Forces receive support from both the Saudis and UAE. Elements in south Yemen loyal to UAE leadership are also calling for another massive demonstration against ousted President Hadi, who resides in Riyadh. Thus proving disintegrating relations between members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and their operations in Yemen.