Jizan (GPA) – A Saudi military transport vehicle was destroyed and about 5 fighters were killed after Yemeni forces planted a landmine along a road in Jizan.

Yemen’s Ansarullah military media (aka Houthis) released the video below yesterday. In the video Yemeni forces wait patiently for the vehicle to cross over the landmine and then detonate it at just the right time.

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The Saudi Arabian provinces of Jizan, Najran, and Asir were previously part of Yemen and have been essentially sold off over the decades. Many fighters in these regions have taken up the Yemeni cause since the start of the Saudi-led intervention against Yemen in 2015. As a result, Ansarullah and Yemeni forces have been able to expand their military operation into Saudi Arabia’s own territory.

Just this week two dozen civilians were killed after the Saudi coalition carried out a “double tap” on a Yemeni market in Sa’ada.  As a response to the Saudi’s increased air campaign, Ansarullah has also– very successfully– increased their operations beyond Saudi borders in Najran, Asir, and Jizan.

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The Saudi violence also comes in the form of a blockade which prohibits medical supplies and food from entering the country. Yemen imports about 80% of its food and over a hundred thousand Yemenis are facing a fatal cholera outbreak. This is all the result of the Saudi-led war against Yemen.




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