Jizan (GPA) – Fighters from Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees carried out an operation today on a Saudi military site beyond the border in Jizan.

Yemen’s resistance forces have expanded their operations beyond the Saudi border in retaliation for the Saudi’s ongoing airstrike campaign, invasion, and occupation of Yemen. Part of the Saudi’s strategy against Yemen includes flooding the country with foreign mercenaries.

The Saudi-led war against Yemen has killed tens of thousands from air strikes alone. Targets typically include civilian homes, farms, factories, roads, and just about anything imaginable besides military targets.

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The ongoing siege and blockade have also killed tens of thousands, however, this number is harder to track. Thousands have died due to a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak which has infected nearly 600,000– mostly women and children.

The destruction of Yemen and humanitarian disaster is not an unfortunate side effect, but rather part of the Saudi’s strategy as they attempt to beat Yemen into submission.

Yemen’s resistance, on the other hand, only strikes military targets such as Saudi military outposts and weapons storage facilities.

The video below released from Yemen’s military media center depicts fighters storming a Saudi military site in the province of Jizan.

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