Sana’a (GPA) – Ahmad Abdullah al-‘Ussari tells us of the traumatizing and life-changing experience with his children under the air raids on his home in the area of Faj Attan, Sana’a, on August 25 of last year. On that day, three of his children died. Ahmad Abdullah was wounded along with his wife and his eight-year-old daughter Sarah.

“That Friday, at 2:00 am, I woke up with the sound of explosion because of the air raids in the neighborhood where we lived.

I could hear the screams of the children, women, and men in the neighborhood: scared, traumatized, and everyone was running on the streets to find shelter.

I brought my children and wife to the lower floor and hid us in a small room, but there was no place which could actually protect our lives from such destructive bombs.

Suddenly, the second missile came — it targeted our house.

I saw the light of the missile but somehow I felt my life changed. I did not lose consciousness completely. I could still hear screams from my daughter, Nora, calling me: ‘Please father save our lives, we are dying.’
My wounds were severe and shrapnel-filled my body so I could not get up.

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Ahmad Abdullah and his family.

My heart hurt more and more — especially when my daughter was calling me — at that moment, no one could come to help us or take us to the hospital.

Once again, after a period of more than 15 minutes, as soon as people came to take my body lying on the ground, I saw my daughter Sarah’s hand visible from the rubble. The hand was shaking.
I told myself that as long as Sarah is still alive, she and her and sibling are alive. They are in the lap of their mother and, yes, they are all still alive.

People took us to the hospital but they did not tell me about the death of my children, Nayef and Shorouq. They told me after four days while I was recovering. Not my heart, though: that has not stopped aching. I still hear my children’s voices whispering in my ears every moment of every day.
My two children Sarah and Hadhiah continuously have nightmares and bear the brunt of trauma every time they hear the sound of an aircraft. They start to cry and shiver. They panic.

Their psychological condition is a cause of great concern to me.

My wife is still suffering from the severe injuries to her body and her back. We also discovered she has cancer.

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We received help from neighbors and many of the neighborhood women helped us by selling their own gold and gave it to my wife so that my wife could travel to Egypt in order to receive treatment there, as the medical care in Yemen is nonexistent now because of the war.

Unfortunately, my house has been destroyed and I have no way of earning a living robust enough to pay the money to treat my wife in Egypt.

Just a few days ago I received a telephone call from her, telling me that, a hospital in Egypt won’t do the operation for her without money.

The operation was scheduled for last Saturday but we have no funds. My wife’s name is Mussarh. And she is in great pain. She survived the bombs, but cancer is taking her life’’

Share Aid Yemen is accepting donations through Western Union (the blockade makes other options impossible) to pay for Mussarh’s treatment and help many Yemenis in need with food and other essential items. You can learn more about donating to Share Aid Yemen by email: shareaidyemen@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +967717286130.


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