Sana’a (YE) – The warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition launched a series of violent raids targeting the capital Sana’a and its environs on Friday morning and throughout the night.

The coalition launched four air raids at the base of Al-Dailami while four other raids struck the Guard School in the capital, as well as dropping a light bomb on Al-Dailami base, local sources reported to YemenExtra.

Moreover, four airstrikes rocked September 21 Park, and an additional raid targeted the May 22 complex in the center of the capital.

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The fighter jets of the coalition also hit Dhala’a Hamdan region in western Sana’a using two airstrikes.

The airstrikes began at 1 o’clock after midnight and continued until 8 in the morning, however, the hovering of the jets is still ongoing.

Furthermore, one airstrike targeted Haran valley in Dhaibain district, while another four rocked the districts of Harf Sufyan and Houth in Amran governorate, northern the capital.

The above attacks took place after the Yemeni Missile Force launched several ballistic missiles into the Saudi kingdom, specifically King Fahd Air Base, in retaliation to Saudi war crimes committed against thousands of Yemenis.

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Local military activists say that the hysteric bombardment following the Yemeni operation proves the successful arrival of the medium-range missiles as the coalition frequently responds after being inflicted with heavy losses.

This post originally ran on YemenExtra.