Sana’a (GPA) – Tens of thousands filled the streets of Yemen’s capital Sana’a in front of the United Nations office today protesting the ongoing US-backed violence from Saudi Arabia as well as the devastating siege.

Saudi Arabia along with most members of the Gulf Cooperation Council have continued their war against Yemen for nearly 1,000 days with the full support of the United States and other western allies. Another prominent member of the Saudi-coalition, the United Arab Emirates, currently occupies most of southern Yemen.

Conservative estimates put the death toll around 13,000 while local estimates suggest the number is far higher. This number only accounts for deaths from direct military aggression such as airstrikes.

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Hundreds of US-backed Saudi airstrikes pounded Yemen last week alone killing dozens of civilians including women and children. Attack targets included homes, fishermen, farms, cars, and rescue personnel.

Tens of thousands more have died from the ongoing blockade and siege which restricts land, sea, and air imports. This severely restricts aid, food, medical supplies, and the general flow of movement.

The siege has also triggered a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak claiming the lives of over 3,000. Experts expect nearly 1 million will become infected by the year’s end.

After the Yemeni missile strike on the King Khalid Airport near Riyadh, Saudi authorities closed Yemen’s few remaining lifelines for aid. With seven million people already at risk for famine and another 17 million facing food insecurity, this was a death sentence for many Yemenis.

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The siege and blockade are all part of the Saudi strategy to beat Yemen into submission by any means necessary.

Riyadh also used the Yemeni missile strike as an opportunity to continue baseless lies regarding Iran’s involvement in Yemen. Washington was quick to reinforce the Saudi narrative and condemn the strike. However, all the previous Saudi attacks on Yemeni civilians continue as planned completely unchecked from the international community.

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President of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Sammad spoke at the event. He urged the Saudi regime and its supporters to end the end the war and the siege and to engage in a political dialogue. He also stated that if the aggression continues, the Yemeni people reserve their right to utilize all available options in defense. President al-Sammad also called the Saudi regime’s statements about Iran cowardly and expressed solidarity with the people of Lebanon against recent Saudi threats.

Credit: Krar Almoayed