Sana’a (GPA) – The international Saudi-led coalition continued attacking civilian targets in Yemen this week. Over 60 airstrikes bombarded various provinces in the war-torn country in the past day killing several civilians.


Saudi warplanes attacked a bee farm in Hodeidah province with four air raids killing an entire family of five. Many farmers rely on honey, one of Yemen’s last remaining exports, for their livelihood. This attack makes it clear that the Saudi coalition remains determined to cripple Yemen’s economy at every turn.

This same day, Saudi warships targeted another civilian area in Hodeidah province killing three people and injuring one.

Additional strikes targeted a village where fishermen live, a farm, and health center.

Sana’a province was not immune to airstrikes this week as well. US-backed Saudi warplanes destroyed a factory killing three workers and wounding another four.


U.S.-backed warplanes continued their destruction with eight airstrikes in densely populated civilian areas of Saada and Hodeidah province.

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Warplanes targeted a mosque in Hodeidah province killing five civilians. Four airstrikes on a highway in Saada province resulted in the death of one civilian and injury of one. Additional airstrikes damaged civilian property in Saada.


Several coalition airstrikes targeted al-Tahita in Hodeidah province on Thursday killing at least four civilians. Circling warplanes and double-tap strikes prevented paramedics from rescuing the injured.

Saudi forces frequently utilize a double-tap strategy of targeting ambulance crews and media personnel entering the scene after an attack. This also indicates that the attacks are intentional.

The same day, dozens of raids targeted various civilian areas of Hodeidah destroying homes and other property.

In Saada, about 12 airstrikes attacked different civilian villages as well.

Yemen’s Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that warships off the coast of Hodeidah targeted Durhami General Hospital including the maternity and children’s wards — all of which was full of patients and hospital staff. The number of those killed is unknown at this point.

Yemeni Victories

On Tuesday, the Yemeni Air Force carried out a series of drone strikes against Saudi targets along the west coast in Hodeidah. On Wednesday, Yemeni naval forces destroyed a coalition warship killing the entire crew on board. Yemeni forces also repelled Saudi coalition advances on many fronts.

Yemen’s Navy unveiled a new domestically made mine for targeting Emirati warships on Thursday.

This displays the stark contrast between the ethics of Yemeni and Saudi forces. While Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees and Ansarullah (aka Houthis) only attack military targets, Saudi mercenaries and warplanes routinely target civilian areas.