Sana’a – (GPAIn the early hours of Monday morning, Yemeni Popular Resistance Forces successfully hit a Riyadh military base with a long range surface to surface Scud missile.

Saudi authorities have yet to comment on the incident. In fact local Saudi sources are denying the event even happened; claiming what appeared to be a missile strike was actually a gas explosion caused by an earthquake. As a result it is not 100% clear at this point whether or not any Saudi soldiers have been killed. Yemeni sources say at least four Saudi soldiers have been killed.

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Either way, the missile launch was a success for Popular Resistance Forces. Why? Because they now know– without a doubt– that they can hit Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh. And they’ve made it clear there will be more to come.


Shortly after the strike on Riyadh, Yemeni sources released a video detailing the development of what they call Volcano 2 which they say includes much more advanced technology.


Ansarullah and the General People’s Congress released a statement shortly after the launch explaining that this missile strike was carried out in retaliation for Saudi Arabia’s relentless attacks on the Yemeni people. The Saudis and their allies (including other Gulf Kingdoms and the Atlantic powers) have caused devastation throughout Yemen, thousands of civilian casualties, starvation, and a humanitarian disaster.

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“In The Name of God, The most Beneficient, the Most Merciful

Republic of Yemen
Rocket forces

Date 6/2/2017

Important Announcement

(Starts with Quranic verse)

As a retaliation for the Saudi-American dire aggression , bloody massacre and arbitrary siege imposed on the Yemeni People which have caused a humanitarian crisis on large scale amid international community and UN Silence:

So coming from our responsible position which is committed to this Noble people’s choice of repelling and staving off this aggression without holding back, and from deep belief in the legitimacy of the retaliation, and the sanctity of the principle of self-defence using all available means

We announce for the first time the launch of the Ballistic Missile which hit a military post in the Capital of Devil Kingdom Saudi Arabia

We thank God for the gift of knowledge and patience which helped us to reach this exceptional rocket development and we assure that the capital Riyadh becomes in the range of our rockets at this stage.

God bless the souls of our martyrs ,God heal the wounds of our injured and God grant the freedom for POW and the soldiers who are unaccounted for

Yemen Rocket Force”

Saudi Ministry: Over 2,000 Citizens Fighting Abroad With Terror Groups

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