Sana’a (GPA) – The Sana’a-based Navy and Coast Guard released a video this week depicting remarkable advances in Yemen’s maritime capabilities.

Yemen’s military and naval advancement is a defensive response to the ongoing war against the country, devastating airstrikes, and the inhumane siege. Tens of thousands have died from U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes and military operations. Yesterday marked the first anniversary of a Saudi terror attack on a funeral procession which killed or injured over 700 people.

Even more have lost their lives due to the siege which restricts imports, exports, and freedom of movement. Over 7 million face famine and over 17 million face food insecurity on a daily basis. Lack of cleaning supplies and medical equipment triggered a globally unprecedented cholera epidemic which could infect over 1 million by the end of this year.

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Yemen’s resistance has made remarkable military advancements since the Saudi-led coalition launched their war against Yemen in March of 2015. Earlier this year, Sana’a’s Ministry of Defense revealed a homemade line of mid and long range ballistic missiles. Resistance forces now use the missiles for operations against high-value Saudi military and economic targets including oil refineries and military bases. Over the summer, Sana’a’s MoD unveiled a Yemen-made line of high-power rifles with long-range and anti-air capabilities.

Just last week, Yemeni forces successfully shot down a US-made Reaper done conducting surveillance over Sana’a. In the past 24 hours, Yemeni snipers have reported 20 confirmed kills of Saudi mercenaries.

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The video below depicts naval and coast guard training. Leader of the Ansarullah movement, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, praised Yemen’s tremendous naval advancement. He reiterated the importance of securing Yemen’s coast. He specifically referred to the port city of Hodeidah, where Saudi forces have relentlessly tried to occupy since the beginning of the war. Even the UN has begged Yemen’s resistance to give-up control of this strategic port to a so-called independent party.

Military spokesman, Colonel Aziz Rashid, said Yemen has also modernized its ship technology in the way of advanced missiles and intelligence software.

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Yemen’s Navy and Coast Guard plan to use the new technology to defend Yemen’s coast from foreign invasion and aggression. Yemen’s resistance is prepared to strike more Saudi or Emirati warships as well as commercial ships belonging to countries participating in the Saudi coalition. Nearly 4.7 million barrels of oil pass through the Bab al-Mandeb strait in the Red Sea each day on their way to the Suez Canal and ultimately Europe.