Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s Special Naval Forces carried out their first seaborne offensive against the Saudi coalition on Monday. This operation on al-Mokha Port came as a complete surprise to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates who routinely underestimate Yemen’s growing military capability.

Yemen’s Naval Forces announced that the offensive — which targeted the landing dock and marina loaded with weapons and ammunition — had successfully met its objectives. Yemen’s missile attacks destroyed weapons storage facilities, command rooms, and reinforcements. According to Yemeni military sources, several coalition forces were killed or injured in the offensive including some prominent leaders.

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Yemen’s Special Naval Forces reveal advancements in October of last year on the anniversary of a devastating funeral bombing that killed or injured over 700 people.

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This first-of-its-kind operation wasn’t the only victory for Yemen’s resistance today. In Najran, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees successfully shot down a reconnaissance drone belonging to the Saudi coalition.

The Saudi coalition launched their operation to occupy Hodeidah in June but has failed their objectives and embarrassed themselves as they have throughout the course of this entire war. On June 13, Yemen’s naval forces thwarted an attack from the coalition on Hodeidah port by striking a barge belonging to the United Arab Emirates. Yemeni forces utilized their homegrown marine missile technology in this attack as well.

Saudi Arabia frequently resorts to bombing civilian homes and infrastructure to make up for their poor military skills on the ground. U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes and military action have produced almost 38,000 casualties and destroyed enough homes to fill a large city: over 400,000.

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