Sa’ada (GPA) – Tens of thousands of Yemenis took to the streets today demanding an end to the ongoing U.S.-Saudi led aggression and siege. They also announced the official formation of the People’s Campaign for a boycott of American and Israeli products.

The march took place in Sa’ada: the birthplace of Yemen’s resistance movement, Ansarullah. September 21st will mark three years since the beginning of Yemen’s current revolution. Saudi Arabia launched their airstrike campaign against Yemen just six months later.

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The People’s Campaign demonstrates the Ansarullah movement’s commitment to liberating Yemen from the oppressive economic regimes of the United States, Israel, and their imperialist allies.

Governor of Sa’ada, Mohammed Awad Jabe, spoke at the event. He reiterated that Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the U.S. are responsible for heinous war crimes and spilling blood. (Saudi Arabia has launched over 25 air strikes against Yemen in just the past 24 hours.)

Yemen’s capital Sana’a

Director-General of the Health Bureau stated that Yemenis would continue to wage total war against the enemy on all fronts possible– including economically.

Saudi Arabia (with the support of the United States) has imposed a brutal economic blockade against Yemen. Due to the international community’s failure to recognize the new Sana’a leadership, all imports and exports must take place under the authority of the Saudi-backed government in Aden.

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Yemenis import around 80% of their food, so the siege has triggered a borderline famine. No imports also means no maintenance or sanitation supplies. So the siege is also responsible for the cholera outbreak. 400,000 will become infected by the end of 2017, and over 2,000 have died just since April– mostly women, children, and the elderly.

The People’s Campaign for the boycott requests that all traders and distributors stop the imports of American or Israeli made goods. Instead, Yemenis are encouraged to purchase local products with the goal of creating a sustainable local economy and long-term financial independence.