Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s Armed Forces fighting against US-backed Saudi invasion and unthinkable violence have unveiled yet another domestically produced unmanned drone for defending their country: the K2 kamikaze drone with stealth capability.

Yemen’s Armed Forces spokesman, brigadier-general Yahya Saree revealed the specifics of the new drone system at a press conference today. Saree explained that after nearly four years of continuous attacks on civilians and violations by the Saudi coalition, his military was forced to respond appropriately in defense by advancing its military capabilities.

The K2 detonates from a height ranging between ten and 20 meters above its target and boasts a lethal range spanning an 80-meter circumference. The half-lethal range spreads anywhere from 50 to 150 meters. The K2 also includes stealth capabilities to bypass radar systems.

Yemen’s Air Force first used the new K2 drone to target a gathering of high-ranking Saudi military leaders and mercenaries on Thursday at the al-Anad military base in Yemen’s Lahj province.

In the coming days, Yemen’s Armed Forces will also reveal another new type of missile.

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The US-backed Saudi coalition began their war against Yemen to prop up its failed puppet government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and squash the revolutionary anti-imperialist movement of Ansarullah (which most media outlets simply refer to as “the Houthis”).

Not only has the coalition failed its objectives but their war has literally backfired. Yemen’s Ansarullah now control the capital city of Sanaa along with the majority of the country’s population. To top it off, Yemen’s Armed Forces loyal to Ansarullah have drastically boosted the nation’s defense capabilities with domestically produced long, mid, and short-range missile systems capable of reaching Riyadh, naval missiles, drones, sniper rifles, improved special forces, and much more.

Despite Yemen’s growing military strength and capability, the coalition continues its strategy of bombing Yemeni civilians and civil infrastructure into oblivion. US-backed Saudi airstrikes and military operations have killed or injured over 39,000 civilians — a third of which are women and children.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia showered Yemen with an average of 50 airstrikes per day and over 52 thousand total attacks.

The Saudi-imposed and US-enforced land, sea, air blockade and siege have killed tens of thousands more. 22 million people out of Yemen’s 29 million population require immediate humanitarian assistance in the form of either food, water, or medical care.

The K2 in action targeting gatherings of Saudi mercenaries: