Sana’a (GPA) –  Yemen’s Sana’a-based Ministry of Defense has revealed a new line of eight homemade sniper rifles with anti-tank and anti-air capabilities.

A statement released by the Sana’a-based MoD said that Yemen has developed and manufactured specialized sniper rifles due to the escalating aggression from Saudi Arabia and their allies.

Yemen’s resistance is continuously making significant strides in both their military equipment and capability. Just last month, the Army and Popular Committees launched a Yemeni-made long-range ballistic missile at an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.

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A special forces operation– the Yemeni Sniper Unit– has over 300 confirmed kills this year alone. This unit operates behind enemy lines in retaliation for the Saudi’s continued air campaign.

Lightweight yet powerful, these new rifles give troops on the ground a broad range of superior anti-tank, anti-armor, and anti-air capabilities. This advanced anti-air technology equips Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees with the ability to shoot down enemy fighter jets and drones heading to drop bombs.

The Saudi-led air campaign against Yemen has killed tens of thousands. Capacity to shoot down these enemy air craft could save countless Yemeni lives.

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Just last night, planes belonging to the Saudi-led coalition struck a hotel near Sana’a killing over 70 and injuring at least 13 more. The Saudis, U.A.E., and their allies are notorious for targeting civilian infrastructure including homes, schools, factories, farms, and more.

Photo Credit: Yemen Ministry of Defense



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