Sana’a (GPA) – Yemeni media has released a compilation video depicting August victories against the U.S.-backed Saudi mercenaries and invading forces.

The video below shows scenes from several intense battles across Yemen’s northern provinces where indigenous Yemeni resistance forces are currently defending the country from Saudi and UAE-led military occupation and oppression.

Clashes were nearly constant on various fronts along the west coast as the invading Saudi-UAE forces and their mercenaries attempted to occupy the port city, Hodeidah. Hodeidah is a lifeline for millions of Yemenis as their only source of food. The UN estimates that 22 million Yemenis require urgent humanitarian aid to survive — Yemen’s entire population is less than 30 million.

Saudi Arabia has imposed a land-air-sea blockade and severely restricts and inspects all imports, exports, and the flow of movement effectively turning Yemen into an open-air prison.

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August began with the Sana’a government led by Ansarullah (which the mainstream media simply refers to as “the Houthis”) calling for a ceasefire and announcing its forces would halt all Red Sea attacks for two weeks.

The U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition responded just hours later by attacking a crowded fish market in Hodeidah with airstrikes. The warplanes subsequently bombed the entrance to the local hospital as medical staff rushed to save victims from the fish market attack. After all said and done, 55 civilians died in the attacks while another 130 sustained injuries.

A week later, U.S.-backed Saudi warplanes deliberately targeted a school bus full of children in the middle of another crowded market in Saada province. This deliberate attack resulted in a funeral for over 50 young kids who Riyadh insisted were child soldiers in a statement defending its actions.

The United States provides Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates military support totaling in the billions to carry out these attacks. Investigations routinely show that the bombs used to target civilians such as the bus of children are of U.S. origin.

Washington also has troops on the ground training Emirati and Saudi troops while providing intelligence and logistical support for selecting airstrike targets.

Video courtesy Wrath of Yemen.