Sana’a (GPA) – On the eve of the war’s third anniversary, Yemeni Forces launched several ballistic missiles at multiple targets inside Saudi Arabia. The following day, Yemenis filled the streets of the capital Sana’a to protest three years of aggression from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Yemen Ballistic Missiles Attack Multiple Targets Inside Saudi Arabia in Retaliation for 3 Years of War

Yesterday evening at about midnight Sana’a time, Yemen’s Missile Force announced the launch of several ballistic missiles on multiple targets inside Saudi Arabia. These missile strikes took place at night in order to minimize potential civilian casualties. Yemeni forces also chose midnight to coincide with the day Saudi Arabia announced their war against Yemen.

Yemen’s Missile Force launched short-range ballistic missiles at airports in Asir, Najran, and Jizan province. Yemeni forces expanded operations beyond the Saudi border in response to the ongoing airstrike campaign that targets civilian areas. The Missile Force also announced an attack with long-range missiles targeting the King Khalid Airport in Riyadh.

Saudi media outlets quickly claimed that their Patriot defense system intercepted most of the missiles. One man died as a result of shrapnel the attack which Riyadh quickly exploited to justify three years of airstrikes on civilian targets. Saudi air raids typically target homes while people are inside, schools, water pumps, food trucks, factories, government buildings, farms, and much more. The blockade restricts food, fuel, and flow of movement. The Yemen casualty rate sits over 36,000 today between killed and injured.

Attacks in Asir, Jizan, and Najran utilized Yemen’s new domestically produced Badr 1 short-range ballistic missile system. The Missile Force used the infamous Borkan Volcano H2 long-range missile which is also manufactured inside Yemen.

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Saudi airstrikes killed another three civilians grazing cattle in Saada province this morning. Other attacks from the aggression coalition today targeted farms in Hodeidah province.

Yemenis March to Honor Steadfastness and Protest Ongoing Aggression from World Powers

Celebrations took place all night to honor Yemen’s resilience in the face of foreign aggression and prepare for today’s massive march. What looks like millions filled the streets of Sana’a condemning international support for the war and saluting Yemenis for their dignity and determination.

Over a dozen countries support Saudi Arabia in their war against Yemen. Most notable members of the coalition include the United States, the United Kingdom, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates. The United States provides the bulk of support including bombs, weapons, fuel for planes, ground troops for training, and intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets.

President Saleh al-Samad spoke at the march. He praised Yemenis for three years of steadfastness despite the ongoing invasion and aggression. Al-Samad saluted Yemen’s Missile Force and Air Force for their efforts protecting the dignity of the Yemeni people and said: “if you want peace, bear arms.” He also said that if Saudi Arabia wants the ballistic missile attacks to end, Riyadh must end their air raids.

President al-Samad pointed out that the United States fully supports this war citing the U.S. Senate’s recent vote supporting the Saudi coalition. He saluted those who stood against the vote as well as foreign entities who do not support the aggression. President al-Samad called on members of the coalition to stand down and seek peace. He reiterated Yemen’s desire to find a peaceful solution and lift the siege.

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All photos and video courtesy Ansarullah Media Center.

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