Sana’a (GPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition has carried out a series of sweeping terror attacks on residential areas of Yemen’s capital killing or injuring dozens. While Yemeni forces restrict their attacks to military and economic targets to limit civilian deaths, the Saudi coalition routinely targets civilian infrastructure to inflict the highest number of casualties.

According to the latest figures from Yemen’s Health Ministry, 70 were killed or injured in the attacks. Today’s targets included a civilian home, community park, the Ministry of Information, and the Presidential Palace.

At least four children were killed including the son of Yemeni Media Union President, Abdallah Ali Sabri. Abdallah Sabri and his mother are currently in the local hospital’s ICU. Attacks on a civilian home near a school left one young girl as the sole survivor. Geopolitics Alert analyst, Randi Nord, received a certificate of appreciation and achievement from the Yemeni Media Union signed by Mr. Sabri just two days prior to the attack on his life.

Rescue teams frantically dug through the rubble looking for survivors as warplanes continued to hover overhead and attack nearby buildings. Riyadh has a tendency to perform double-tap airstrikes that target media workers and first responders entering the scene of fresh attacks.

Geopolitics Alert’s Sana’a correspondent said it appears that the Saudi coalition is employing new or different weapons citing the larger explosions that inflict more damage than previous blasts.

A Stark Contrast in Ethics

These attacks show a stark contrast in military strategy between Yemeni and Saudi forces.

Yemeni forces restrict their attacks to military and economic targets. Before expanding missile operations to include economic targets such as Saudi Aramco facilities, Ansarullah spokesman Mohammed al-Houthi sent a warning to workers about Yemen’s intentions in order to reduce worker casualties.

Meanwhile, as evidenced by today’s attacks, the US-backed Saudi-led coalition routinely targets civilian homes and infrastructure.

According to a recent report Geopolitics Alert received from the Republic of Yemen, Saudi coalition forces killed or wounded over 200 civilians during the month of March alone — about half of these casualties were women and children.

The coalition also targets civilian infrastructure vital for survival.

In March, airstrikes destroyed or damaged 48 water treatment facilities and 178 agricultural fields along with dozens of other establishments such as businesses and markets.


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Two years ago, Yemen suffered the worst outbreak of cholera infecting over one million and killing over 3,000. Since January of this year, the UN’s ReliefWeb reports that roughly 300,000 have contracted cholera and about 600 have died. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases are most at risk. Meanwhile, a majority of Yemen’s population require emergency humanitarian aid due to starvation or disease.

The attacks on water treatment facilities and food supplies coupled with the blockade and siege which limits aid imports show that starvation and disease are intended weapons of war.

The United States provides the vast majority of military support to the Saudi-led coalition. This support includes weapons, missiles, mid-air refueling for warplanes, fighter jets, and more. American military personnel also provide logistical and intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets. Yemeni intelligence recently exposed one of the US troops operating a Saudi command center and carrying out airstrikes on civilians.

Geopolitics Alert has issued a statement of solidarity condemning the recent attacks on civilians and media workers. We urge all media outlets to do the same.