Sana’a (GPA) – US-supported Saudi coalition warplanes have carried out another terror attack in Yemen’s Hajjah province. 30 airstrikes on Sunday morning targeted multiple homes killing at least 23 — mostly women and children.

According to local reports, the planes attacked at least 13 houses belonging to the families of al-Hadi, Beit al-Ahdab, Beit Zeril, and more than ten others. 70 displaced women and children lived in the homes who had fled violence, likely in Hodeidah.

Rescue teams have found the bodies of at least 23 victims while another 20 sustained injuries. The US-backed warplanes continued to attack an ambulance and circle over rescuers to prevent evacuation.

It’s common for the Saudi coalition to carry out “double-tap” attacks which target medical teams and media personnel with additional airstrikes.

Yemen’s Ministry of Health held the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and all members of the coalition — as well of the United Nations — responsible for this blatant war crime. The MoH pointed out that the attacks on medical vehicles violate international law while the attacks on multiple families may amount to genocide.

The MoH also cited the irony that this horrific crime against women and children comes just one day after the world celebrated International Women’s Day. According to the MoH, the United Nations perpetuates the lie that “the victim is an executioner and the executioner is a victim.”

At the end of its statement, the MoH called on every member of the international community with a human conscience to look at the suffering, starvation, siege, and destruction Yemen has faced for the past four years and raise their voices.

Just Another Massacre in Hajjah

Sunday’s attack is just another civilian massacre in Hajjah province to add to the list.

In April of 2018, US-backed warplanes attacked a refugee camp in Hajjah killing 14 — including many children and babies. In October, the coalition launched airstrikes on the home of a displaced family killing a husband, wife, and young girl.

In April of 2018, not long after the refugee camp attack, warplanes attacked a wedding in Hajjah province killing or injuring 55 men, women, and children. Since the raids targeted the bridal tent, the bride herself along with several other women and children were among the victims.

yemeni wedding bombing
Ibrahim refuses to leave his father’s side who lost his life in the US-Saudi terror attack.

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Honoring Women Year-Round by Murdering Women and Children

According to a report Geopolitics Alert received from the Republic of Yemen, coalition airstrikes and ground operations killed or injured over 70 women and children just during the month of January.

In fact, more children and babies were killed than women in January. 23 children were killed and 33 injured during the first month of the year. Meanwhile, eight women were killed and 14 injured.

According to the January report, fetal abnormalities are on the rise. Yemen’s Ministry of Health says that the coalition’s use of various weapons and remnants is to blame for the surge in embryo deformities. Depleted uranium, for example, is found in artillery shells, projectiles, and armor. This poisonous and radioactive heavy metal has devastating long-term effects on civilian populations, contributing to cancer and severe birth defects.

Cholera infections are also on the rise again. In January, Yemen’s MoH reported 36,062 suspected cholera cases and 34 deaths across the country’s 19 provinces. 2,906 people have lost their lives from this very preventable and very treatable illness since October of 2016. The provinces of Hajjah and Hodeidah produced particularly high death rates due to the blockade which restricts medicine and aid.

The Republic of Yemen’s January report also points out the broad-scale attacks on vital civilian infrastructure.

During January alone, coalition warplanes destroyed or damaged 65 water pumps and tanks, 180 agricultural fields, two markets, 122 sheep and cattle, three livestock farms, seven food storage warehouses, three food trucks, and much more.

The United States and their western allies provide the bulk of military support to the Saudi-led coalition. Washington plays a key role in the war against Yemen with ground troops, weapons, jets, fuel, and precision-guided missiles. The United States also provides intelligence and logistical support for selecting airstrike targets. In January, Yemeni intelligence began doxxing the individual American troops manning these control centers in an effort to expose the criminals responsible for civilian massacres.