Moscow (AM) – The Russian Defense Ministry reported on Sunday that foreign experts had arrived in Idlib to organize the play of “Chemical Attack” using chlorinated munitions.

Sputnik quoted the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashnikov, that the White Helmets and Armed Groups is preparing a strike on Kafr Zita, south of Idlib, during the next two days with poisoned thermal weapons. “There are groups of residents in northern Idlib will participate in the chemical attack.”

“After the chemical attack being prepared in Syria, some people will wear white helmets, to shoot videos that are being conveyed to Arab and English-speaking media.” he added.

Konashinkov noted that a group of armed militias, trained by the British company Olive Group, are planning to carry out “mock” rescue operations for chemical weapons victims in Idlib. He explained that English-speaking specialists arrived at the village of Habit, south of the reduction zone in Idlib, to organize a chemical attack, using weapons filled with chlorine gas, on Kafr Zeita, which is only 6 kilometers from the hump.

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A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry has said in previous statements that there are indirect assurances that America is preparing with its allies for a new aggressive attack on Syria. He pointed out that a US destroyer arrived in the Gulf, as the bombers prepare “B1” to move from the US base in Qatar to hit targets in Syria.

“The actions of Western countries are contrary to his public statements and aim to create another sharp escalation in the situation in the Middle East and to thwart the peace process in Syria,” Konashinkov said.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry stressed that the implementation of the provocative process with chemical weapons would be a pretext to strike Syrian government targets by the United States, Britain and France.

According to Konashinkov, eight packs of chlorine were sent and transported to a village a few kilometers from the Shagur Bridge after being handed over to the terrorist group, the Islamic Turkestan Party, to represent the chemical attack in Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib province by the Sham Liberation Organization ” he said.

This post originally ran on Al-Masirah and was republished here with permission.