Najran (GPA) – Yemen’s Popular Forces carried out raids on Saudi positions in at least two provinces two nights ago.

Yemen’s resistance (which includes fighters from the Ansarullah movement, Republican Guard, and more) launched a series of night raids in Najran and Jouf– both beyond Saudi borders. Where the Yemeni forces have expanded their ground war in retaliation for the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen.

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The Saudi’s intense and indiscriminate air campaign in Yemen has killed thousands and displaced millions. Targets usually include civilian infrastructure including homes, fisheries, markets, and much more. The Saudis are also reportedly still using internationally banned cluster bombs. A child was killed as recently as this morning from a cluster bomb remnant.

The coalition against Yemen– which includes a blockade and siege– has also sparked a cholera outbreak the likes of which the world has never seen. Some 300,000 people have already been infected and nearly 2,000 have died just since April of this year.

Despite wide-spread outrage from rights groups, activists, and of course Yemenis, the UK High Court ruled this week that the Saudi’s behavior in Yemen is not “irrational or unlawful.” So sales will continue as per usual.

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Watch: Yemeni forces destroy Saudi weapons storage facility. Via Yemen’s Military Media.