Caracas (GPA) – Venezuela releases evidence connecting President Nicolas Maduro’s would-be assassins to outside actors in Bogota and Washington.
maduro venezuela releases evidence assassination
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Image: Twitter – Prensa Presidencial

Following the attempt on Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro’s life with two explosive-laden drones on Saturday, the President promised to get to the bottom of the failed plot. Last night he showed that his government has learned some things at least, and Maduro says there is still more evidence to come.

Prior to releasing the evidence, Maduro announced that he would be showing off what Venezuelan security had found late Monday night. According to Maduro at the time the evidence backed up the initial claims he had made right after the assassination attempt that “there is sufficient evidence of the participation of the outgoing Colombian government of President Juan Manuel Santos.”

On Tuesday night Maduro presented the evidence to the people of Venezuela in a televised address. Much of what Maduro presented seems to confirm his conclusions and exposes a wider network of the forces plotting to end his life, and the Bolivarian revolution.

Venezuela Releases Evidence Implicating Bogota

Late Tuesday night Maduro took to Twitter to announce that he would “be presenting strong evidence of the links that the Colombian oligarchy has with the events on Avenida Bolivar” in a few hours. In this post, Maduro promised that during his presentation that he would show that Venezuela’s security services “have the location, the names of the place in Chinacota Norte de Santander where they trained, the assassins, the terrorists,” and have also captured all those directly involved with the terrorist attack.

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Maduro’s final presentation late Tuesday shined even more light on the events of Saturday, including where the drone was controlled from. The Venezuelan Military also confirmed that the drones were stopped by signal jammers near the stage and that’s what caused them to crash and explode before reaching Maduro.

According to Venezuelan intelligence, this attack was no one-off either, as the attackers had trained for months in the Colombian town of Chinacota, in the northern border province of Santander. According to Maduro, the assassination was originally planned for Venezuela’s Independence Day on July 5th but was delayed due to a lack of preparation.

The military arrested two of the drone pilots minutes after the attack as well as four other conspirators in the days following the attempt on Maduro’s life. Two names of terrorists involved with the plot have been released so far, they are Rayder Russo, a resident of Colombia, and Osman Delgado, a resident of the United States.

Earlier today, Venezuelan Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, said this list of suspects has also grown since the attack to include another 19 individuals. According to the AG, many of these newly identified plotters are not actually in Venezuela so “The Public Ministry will send requests to the United States and Colombia for their cooperation to extradite those involved in this act.”

 Video: YouTube – teleSUR

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While most of the western media audience – as well as some reading this – are likely to doubt this evidence presented by Maduro it is important to remember some key factors.

Colombia is currently denying any involvement in Saturday’s assassination attempt, but this denial should be taken with a grain of salt. For one thing, Colombia recently became a “global partner” member of NATO. This means Bogota is now working hand in hand (even more than before) with Washington and was likely added precisely because their role as an agent of the US working inside Latin America.

Another thing to remember is that US President Donald Trump has already expressed interest in invading Venezuela and multiple high-profile US politicians – like Florida Senator Marco Rubio – have called on the Venezuelan military to overthrow the elected government. If this is a US policy for Venezuela, there isn’t really a reason to doubt this baby NATO partner is in on the regime change game.

We understand it’s hard for some of our audience to believe what Caracas says, but do you really trust NATO more?