Sana’a (GPA) – Yemeni forces have uncovered hundreds of weapons bearing the “United States Agency for International Development” logo in possession of Saudi mercenaries. The revelation implies the existence of a much larger weapon smuggling operation to subvert governments across the globe.

Yemeni forces discovered the weapons while liberating and clearing areas in al-Bayda and Marib provinces.

The weapons in question were plastered with stickers bearing the USAID logo. USAID bills itself as an “independent agency” of the United States federal government that provides over $27 billion in civilian developmental assistance each year. As far as budgets go, USAID is the most expansive program in the world, making up more than half of all American foreign assistance.

In Yemen, the USAID website claims:

“As conditions permit, USAID is prepared to support a political transition and peace-building processes as they emerge.”

Yemeni Brigadier-General Yahya Sare’e revealed the findings at a press conference on Tuesday, pointing out that Washington supports the Saudi-led war against his country both morally and politically. Sare’e also highlighted how USAID collects intelligence on the ground while operating under the guise of providing humanitarian aid.

It’s possible that USAID uses the same humanitarian cover to supply terror groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS with weapons in sensitive areas such as Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Anyone questioning the validity of the USAID stickers and Sare’e’s accusations should understand that Washington already provides full military assistance to Saudi Arabia quite publicly. As Brigadier-General Sare’e said:

“Our people are suffering because US supports its tools in the region, the Saudi and Emirati regimes, pushing them to implement its agenda and policies, that serves the Zionist entity in the region.”

For over five years, the United States has armed Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and their mercenaries on the ground with cutting-edge weapons, fighter jets, mid-air refueling, training, and more. Washington also provides logistical support for selecting airstrike targets and many Saudi command centers are manned by US troops.

American Spy Arrested by ‘Houthis’ Worked Undercover Via NGO Agencies

This isn’t the first time Washington has used humanitarian aid as a cover for infiltrating Yemen.

In 2015, Ansarullah (also known as the Houthis) arrested a Red Cross worker named Scott Darden on suspicion of being an American spy.

Florida-born Scott Darden worked in Yemen for a New Orleans-based logistics company called Transoceanic Developments. Transoceanic’s website describes their work as delivering “key cargo to the most difficult areas of the globe” in areas like Somalia, Libya, and, of course, Yemen. The company works with NGO agencies, governments, and private companies moving cargo (relief aid, construction equipment, telecommunication materials, etc.) into conflict zones.

At Transoceanic Development, Darden worked as Yemen’s country director with the supposed job of delivering aid and reconstruction materials. U.S. officials  confirmed, however, that the Transoceanic Development project was actually — secretly — working in tandem with U.S. military special operations in Yemen.

Six current and former US officials merely verified that the secret contract with Transoceanic Development did in fact exist and Darden was a part of it. However, they refused to provide any details since this specific operation in Yemen is currently highly classified. This could likely mean that either this operation or similar operations are still ongoing and releasing too much information could compromise more American-Saudi spies disguised as aid workers on-the-ground.

Scott Darden’s own background provides a glimpse into the interwoven relationship between groups like UNICEF or the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and US military operations.

Yemen isn’t the only place USAID has carried out subversion tactics under the guise of providing humanitarian aid either.

Over the years, USAID has spent millions — if not billions — across Latin America to subvert leftist governments in Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Haiti.