Sana’a (GPA) – U.S.-backed warplanes belonging to the Saudi-led coalition continued attacking civilian targets in Yemen this week including homes and fishing boats.

Islam’s holy month of Ramadan began last week and, unsurprisingly, Saudi Arabia did not slow down their attacks in its honor.


U.S.-Backed Saudi Terror Attacks in Yemen

Several airstrikes pounded Yemen’s Saada province over the past few days. This location is a frequent target for U.S.-Saudi coalition airstrikes. Attacks today included a highway, civilian home, and local farm.

Saudi border guards carried out rocket attacks into Saada province injuring a woman and destroying civilian property.

Coalition planes typically pound the town of Midi along the Saudi border in Hajjah province anywhere from ten to over 40 times each day with airstrikes — today was no different. Although U.S.-Saudi warplanes launched over 15 airstrikes over the past two days, local sources reported no casualties yet.

Warplanes also launched attacks throughout Hodeidah province. Targets included a car with reports of casualties although no numbers are available at this point. The most notable attack today targeted a fishing boat killing at least fishermen on board.

The Saudi coalition has increased their attacks on civilian targets in Hodeidah as they prepare for increased operations to take territory from Yemen’s resistance, Ansarullah. By striking civilian targets in Hodeidah, the Saudi coalition hopes to decrease morale throughout territories under Resistance control. Washington and Riyadh have tried to no avail throughout the course of the war to split various groups and civilians from Ansarullah (aka. “the Houthis”).

In Sana’a province, warplanes struck an oil company and fuel tanker. The Saudi-imposed and U.S.-enforced blockade has caused gas prices to skyrocket so the frequent attacks on fuel supplies seem deliberate.

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Yemen Responds to Ongoing Foreign Aggression

The new president of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, spoke on Tuesday commemorating Yemen’s day of unity. Yemen reunited shortly before the collapse of the Soviet bloc after three decades of living as separate North-South countries.

President al-Mashat called on citizens to remain steadfast against foreign aggression. He pointed out that throughout Yemen’s history, its strength has been its unity which frightens Saudi Arabia and entities like the United States.

President al-Mashat was confirmed as President after warplanes assassinated the former president, Saleh al-Samad, last month. It’s widely believed that the United States carried out the targeted attack that killed late President al-Samad due to the level of precision and accuracy.

Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees carried out operations on the ground in response to the airstrikes. Resistance forces destroyed weapons caches and targeted Saudi-backed mercenaries in al-Jouf while firing short-range ballistic missiles and guided missiles in Jizan and Najran.