Sana’a (GPA) – The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen carried out several terror attacks on civilian areas this weekend. Airstrikes continued targeting homes and farms killing several including women and children.

U.S.-supported warplanes launched a series of air raids in Taiz province on Sunday. These bombs struck a home killing an entire family of 12 — including women and children. Prior to this event, coalition planes also targeted a farm.

In Saada province, Saudi border guards shot and killed at least one Yemeni citizen. Saudi artillery, rockets, and missiles killed an additional two civilians along with vital livestock in this province over the weekend. Riyadh’s U.S.-backed warplanes also launched at least ten airstrikes in Saada on Sunday. Saudi Arabia frequently targets homes in this particular area killing dozens — if not hundreds — in this area alone each month.

As part of Riyadh’s attempt to occupy northern Yemen and steal territory from Yemeni forces, Saudi Arabia carried out over 23 airstrikes throughout Hajjah province in just a few hours. Reports indicate these targeted two homes one of which killed at least five including four children, one woman, and injured others.


us backed airstrikes
Rescuers dig through rubble after a Saudi airstrike in December.

Yemen Responds to These Acts of Terror

Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees responded to these acts of aggression with short-range missiles and a variety of operations on the ground against invading forces and Saudi mercenaries. In al-Jouf, Yemen’s military engineering unit detonated an improvised explosive device killing several mercenaries. Yemeni forces also carried out an offensive operation in Lajh resulting in the death of many Saudi mercenaries.

Yemeni forces also carried out operations beyond the Saudi border in retaliation for these blatant acts of U.S.-Saudi terrorism. In Asir province, Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees fired rockets at Sudanese soldiers while Yemen’s specialized sniper unit killed at least five mercenaries. Also in Asir, Yemeni forces launched short-range missiles using the new domestically produced Badr 1 ballistic system.

Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees secured area in Najran after firing a number of missiles.

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Washington’s Involvement in War Crimes

The United States provides military equipment, ground troops for training, as well as logistical and intelligence support to the Saudi coalition in Yemen. This means that Washington helps coordinate and select airstrike targets through intelligence sharing.

U.S. troops also willfully enforce the Saudi blockade of Yemen which restricts all air, land, and sea imports, exports, and flow of movement. Yemen imports nearly 80% of foodstuffs so the blockade has put over 22 million Yemenis either on the brink of food insecurity or direct famine.

The blockade has also triggered a cholera epidemic completely unprecedented in modern times: nearly one million infected with several thousand fatalities. Cholera is a very fatal — yet preventable — disease caused by drinking contaminated water. Saudi airstrikes often target water treatment facilities which contribute to the epidemic.

The starvation and disease are just part of Saudi Arabia’s strategy to beat Yemen into submission by any means necessary. The ongoing terror attacks via airstrikes are just further proof that Riyadh has failed all objectives in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia launched their war against Yemen in March of 2015 with full support from the United States, most members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and several other European and Arab allies. The war has resulted in over 36,000 fatalities between killed and injured thus far. Riyadh’s goal is to reinstate their failed puppet government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi who currently lives in the Saudi capital.