Sana’a (GPA) – U.S.-backed Saudi Arabian warplanes carried out a series of devastating terror attacks in Yemen this week resulting in over 155 civilian casualties.

The gruesome U.S.-Saudi terror attacks in Yemen targeted blatant civilian gatherings and infrastructure including a wedding, gas station, and water well drilling rig. Riyadh also assassinated the president of Yemen’s Sana’a government this week, President Saleh Ali al-Sammad.

Over the weekend, just days prior to these attacks, warplanes targeted a bus full of civilians and several homes.

These airstrike attacks clearly demonstrate Washington, Riyadh, and Abu Dhabi’s intention to terrorize Yemeni civilians, spread disease, and deteriorate morale within the country. This is part and parcel of the aggression coalition’s strategy to beat Yemen into submission.


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U.S.-Saudi Terror Attacks in Yemen

Over the past five days, Riyadh, Washington, and Abu Dhabi have carried out relentless terror attacks in Yemen. Considering the airstrike targets, it’s clear that instilling fear and deteriorating Yemen’s strength are the goals.

1. On Friday, Islam’s holy day, Saudi Arabia attacked a bus full of civilians in Yemen’s Taiz province. The airstrikes killed 20 civilians returning from their weekend shopping trip at a local market.
2. This same day, Saudi air raids targeted a home in Saada province killing five civilians and injuring several others.
3. On Sunday, warplanes struck a home in Yemen’s northern Hajjah province. The attack killed another entire family of five.
4. A repulsive terror attack on a wedding also took place on Sunday in Hajjah province. Airstrikes killed a total of 33 civilians and wounded an additional 55 including the bride.
5. In the early morning hours on Tuesday, U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes targeted a gas station in Hajjah province. According to preliminary numbers, the attack killed 18 and wounded another 13.

A woman dies clutching her prayer beads as she hears warplanes hovering over her home which attacked.

6. Also on Tuesday, the aggression coalition struck a
water well drilling rig killing three and injuring another two.
8. Additional attacks throughout the past week struck homes, farms, as well as public and private property with some reports of injuries but no deaths.

U.S.-Saudi warplanes also assassinated the president of Yemen’s Sana’a government last week, President Saleh Ali al-Sammad. Six others died in this attack.

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yemeni wedding bombing
Ibrahim refuses to leave his father’s side who lost his life in the US-Saudi terror attack.

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The wedding attack forced Yemen’s Ministry of Health to open a field hospital to care for the large numbers of victims. Yemen’s MoH declared a public health emergency calling on people to donate blood for the victims.

The wedding attack sent shockwaves through the Yemeni community on Sunday due to the large number of civilian casualties. The attack targeted a tent full of women and children gathering before the wedding. Videos went viral of a little boy clinging to his father’s lifeless body refusing to leave. In the video, the boy cries for his father to wake up and talk to him as rescue teams and residents struggle to pull him away from the scene.

Terror attack on a gas station in Yemen kills 18 and wounds 13.

Instilling Fear and Creating a Humanitarian Disaster

The gas station and water well attack make it clear that Riyadh’s intentions include manufacturing a humanitarian crisis.

Last year, over 1 million people contracted cholera and several thousand died. Cholera is a very fatal — yet preventable — illness caused by drinking infected water. Not only does Riyadh routinely limit access to aid in Yemen, but it also routinely destroys water treatment facilities such as this recent drilling rig.

As Yemen enters rainy seasons in April and August, the World Health Organization expects cases to surge once again. Riyadh can’t possibly be ignorant to the implications that come with bombing water treatment facilities during these crucial times.

To top it off, the Saudi-imposed and U.S.-enforced land, sea, and air blockade has caused fuel prices to skyrocket. This makes the — most recent — gas station attack (and all attacks on fuel stations) particularly disturbing.

The assassination of Yemeni President Saleh Ali al-Sammad further demonstrates Riyadh’s terrorist intent. It’s very clear that deteriorating morale and causing social upheaval were the goals of this assassination. Despite this, Yemen remains united and the Sana’a government has already appointed a new president: Mahdi al-Mashat.

Yemen’s resistance forces in Sana’a have announced that Riyadh must face consequences for these attacks on civilians and the assassination promising an appropriate retaliatory response.

“He [President Saleh al-Sammad] was targeted by US-Saudi coalition warplanes in three air strikes. He died, may God forgive him, proud, resilient, dignified, principled and brave. The forces of aggression, led by the US and the Saudi regime, bear the legal responsibility for this horrendous crime, as well as any consequences following it. This crime will not go unpunished, not this one, not others against our proud Yemeni people,” resistance leader, Abdul Malik al-Houthi said in an announcement.

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Washington’s Active and Voluntary Participation in War Crimes

Riyadh declined to comment on these atrocities — which are still taking place at the time of writing this.

These terror attacks in Yemen are absolutely deliberate. Although the United States and other Western countries attempt to portray their role in the carnage as passive, they take a very direct role in manufacturing Yemen’s suffering.

The United States along with several other nations provide the Saudi coalition with bombs and equipment. Washington plays a particularly vital role. The United States refills war planes mid-flight and enforces the devastating siege with naval ships throughout the Red Sea. Washington also has ground troops in Yemen training mercenaries and Emirati forces.

To top it off, the United States provides intelligence support for coordinating airstrike targets.

Where Is Yemen and Why Is the US Helping Saudi Arabia Bomb It?

A little boy clings to his father’s lifeless body following terror attacks in Yemen on a wedding:


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