Sana’a (GPA) – The US-backed coalition escalated their attacks against civilians in Yemen — particularly Hodeidah province which suffered dozens of airstrikes in the past few days.

Saudi warplanes attacked a home in al-Bayda on Monday killing eight civilians including several women and children.

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes have bombarded Hodeidah province with airstrikes over the past few days as they prepare for another ground offensive against indigenous Yemeni forces. Over 35 airstrikes struck various areas of Hodeidah in a 24-hour period.

The coalition carried out a terror attack on a radio station in Hodeidah on Sunday killing at least four crew members and injuring several others. The attack also destroyed most of the facility’s infrastructure.

Airstrike on Hodeidah Radio.

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Rescue workers could not immediately enter the scene due to warplanes circling overhead. It’s common for the US-backed Saudi coalition to carry out “double tap” attacks where jets launch a second round of strikes on ambulances, rescuers, and media personnel entering the scene.

It’s very common for the coalition to attack various journalists and media offices in their attempts to isolate Yemen from the international community and keep the public in the dark about such war crimes. The Yemeni Media Union and other various institutions called on international media outlets and organizations to condemn the attack on the Hodeidah radio station.

The United States provides a majority of military support to the Saudi-led coalition including precision-guided missiles, warplanes, refueling for aircraft, logistical support for selecting airstrike targets, and ground training for coalition forces.

A recent report from a UN provides damning evidence that the US-backed Saudi-led coalition is guilty of targeting women, children, and civilians in Yemen. The report points out that the use of precision-guided missiles indicates that all airstrikes hit their intended targets.

However, the report fails to hold members of the coalition accountable for crimes that occurred over two years ago. The report also fails to mention anything about the crippling land, sea, and air blockade which restricts imports, exports, and the flow of movement. The blockade prevents civilians from leaving the country to seek medical care and has decimated the Yemeni economy.