Sana’a (GPA) – US-backed airstrikes in Yemen again targeted a home on Sunday murdering an entire family including five women as well as four men and children.

The terror attack took place in Yemen’s Hodeidah province where Riyadh intensified their airstrike campaign a few months ago.

According to numbers tallied from YemenExtra, over 51 airstrikes pounded Yemen in less than 24 hours this weekend.

Additional airstrikes in Hodeidah province targeted an airport, fishery, and other areas. Attacks in other provinces included several in Saada destroying three civilian vehicles, five in al-Jouf, 20 in Midi, and at least three in the capital Sana’a.


saudis massacre
Courtesy Ansarullah Media Center

Yemen’s Media Development Foundation urged “the all honorable people of the free world to bear the moral and humanitarian responsibilities in advocating for the oppressed of the Yemeni people and to condemn the horrific crimes by the Saudi Alliance and put pressure on the United Nations, specifically the Security Council, to carry out the legal and moral duty to protect civilians and stop the war and all forms of aggression.”

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Washington’s Active Participation in War Crimes

Far from a mere passive observer, the United States provides both military and intelligence support to Emirati and Saudi-backed forces. Saudi airstrikes and ground operations have killed and injured over 35,000 people in the past three years.

US forces provide intelligence support for selecting airstrike targets. Riyadh’s airstrike campaign frequently targets markets, homes, cars, media crews, farms, factories, prisons, and even ambulance crews entering bomb sites. This affirms Washington’s direct participation in gruesome war crimes and arguably genocide against the Yemeni people.

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yemen aid war crimes in yemen
July 2017: A home destroyed by Saudi airstrikes in Sana’a, an entire family lost their lives.

Mainstream media finally took the time to cover Yemen last week due to the clashes in Aden between Saudi and Emirati proxies. However, they still refuse to acknowledge US participation in the catastrophic siege and blockade.

United States Navy ships enforce the blockade throughout the Red Sea by prohibiting aid and cargo ships from docking in resistance-held territory such as Hodeidah port. (It’s also worth mentioning that Saudi airstrikes destroyed the port’s cranes a while back.)

Over eight million Yemenis face direct famine due to the land, air, and sea blockade which severely restricts food, aid, salaries, flow of movement, and vital medical supplies. Saudi Arabia demanded the closure of Yemen’s main airport in Sana’a and subsequently destroyed its infrastructure.


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