Sana’a (GPA) – The 1,000th day of war against Yemen has come and gone yet the Saudi coalition continues their devastating air campaign.

Planes struck a home in Saada province today killing 13 and injuring another 8. The victims included women and children. Children at a nearby school fled in a panic worrying they could be next. It is not uncommon for the Saudi coalition to target schools with air strikes.

US-backed Saudi planes continued their attacks in Saada province targeting a road. Four people died in this attack and the road was completely destroyed.

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In both attacks, local sources say warplanes continued to target ambulances and rescue workers entering the scene. This is not uncommon. In early November, Riyadh carried out a whopping 18 airstrikes on one home killing over 50 people including an entire extended family. Additional attacks killed over 10 rescue workers and news reporters entering the scene. In June, Saudi warplanes conducted “double tap” airstrikes on a market in Saada killing over 25 people including rescue workers digging through the rubble.

An airstrike today in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital, destroyed a civilian’s store and killed one person. According to local sources, the airstrikes destroyed food which the owner planned to distribute to starving families. Additional airstrikes rained on Yemen’s Hodeidah, Hajjah, and Marib provinces with no reports of victims yet.

Last week, US-backed Saudi airstrikes killed over 160 people in Yemen in various massacres. On December 13th, 10 airstrikes targeted a prison killing over 30 people and injuring over 80 including prisoners and staff. An attack in Taiz targeted a citizen’s car killing 11 including a young child.

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Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia once again turned a wedding into a funeral by bombing a wedding reception. 10 women and children died. It is common practice for the Saudi coalition to target both weddings and funerals. In October of 2016, Riyadh carried out several airstrikes on a funeral hall killing over 150 people and injuring 600.

Out of respect for the victims and their families, Geopolitics Alert will not publish photos. The video below depicts children fleeing from a nearby school after the airstrike on a home in Saada.