The US conducting strikes in Yemen is nothing new. But yesterday, the US officially opened a new front in their global war by conducting missile attacks on Houthi-held territory.

The decision was made under the direct authorization of President Obama after what officials call “failed missile attacks” by the Houthis against the USS Mason on Sunday and Wednesday. A Houthi spokesman has denied the claims entirely calling them “baseless” stating the US is likely trying to “escalate aggression and cover up crimes committed against the Yemeni people.”

[Tweet “The US officially opened a new front in their global war by conducting missile strikes on Houthi-held territory”]

The Houthis are currently defending territory against forces that support the internationally-recognized Saudi-imposed government of President President Abd Rabbu Mansour al-Hadi,  fighting against an al-Qaeda insurgency, and battling Saudi airstrikes. Local sources and human rights groups have condemned the Saudi’s indiscriminate bombing campaign as it frequently results in many civilian casualties. The US is considered a major contributing factor in this aggression due to its robust arms trade with Saudi Arabia.

US officials have doubled down on their decision to attack Houthi forces, “the United States will respond to any further threat to our ships and commercial traffic, as appropriate,” Peter Cook said also calling the Houthis part of the “axis of resistance” which also includes Hezbollah and Hamas with all supposedly thriving on support from Iran. Not only does Iran deny that they support the Houthis, but there is little evidence to suggest that the Houthis receive very limited resources from Iran.



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