On 26 June, ISIS fighters kidnapped two Libyan National Army (LNA) officers while they participated in a social gathering in the desert area between Zallah and Waddan. The officers were identified by their military IDs.

In the most recent edition of their digital newspaper, al-Naba, ISIS claimed to have undertaken two attacks on LNA checkpoints near Zallah and al-Fugha on 1 and 5 of June.


On 20 June, U.S Africa Command (AFRICOM) released a statement refuting local claims of civilian casualties from drone strikes it conducted near Bani Walid on 5 June that killed four ISIS members. The allegations relate to letters sent to the Libyan Foundation for Human Rights from the families of three alleged victims of the U.S. drone strike that argued that they had no connection or affiliation with any kind of terrorist acts. This follows calls from the Bani Walid Local Council for the Libyan Attorney General to launch an investigation into the drone strike. Likewise, the Social Council of Warfella tribes called upon the Government of National Accord (GNA) to disclose information on how the three other individuals were identified as a terrorist and had no judicial processing.

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