Geneva (GPA) – Geopolitics Alert founder and editor Randi Nord returned to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland last month to highlight the US-Saudi-created humanitarian disaster in Yemen and point out that the Saudi-backed government does not have the support of any Yemeni parties on the ground.

In this video, Nord delivered an oral intervention to the member states on behalf of Al-Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture. Although each NGO is allowed 90 seconds to finish its statement, Nord’s mic was cut off 30-seconds into the statement and she was prevented from finishing without warning.

You can read the full statement below and watch the video.

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“Mr. President,

The failure to protect human rights does not just occur at the Council but across UN human rights bodies. The security council resolution 2216 gave rights to Saudi-led coalition members to use all necessary means and measures, including military intervention, to restore a president with neither popularity nor support by any Yemeni parties on the ground. Until today, the results of this intervention include ongoing reports of horrific abuses, such as arbitrary killing, rape, and torture in Yemen, committed by some UN member states, mainly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with an impunity that underscores the collective failures of the international community.

Human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent. Almost all states are guilty of politicizing human rights to a greater or lesser degree. Yet it is something rarely discussed, let alone addressed, and clearly present in the Yemeni catastrophe.

Mr. President, Al-Khiam center with Insan organisation are deeply concerned that some parties to the conflict, namely the Haddi government, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt declined to cooperate with the group of eminent experts, which is considered to be the eyes of this council for monitoring the human rights situation in Yemen. States have the responsibility to respect the mandate of UN experts, appointed by this Council, and to ensure that they can fulfill their duties. We are of the view that such acts not just hinder those mandate holders in carrying out their important tasks, but undermine the UN system as a whole.

The Council is not doing enough to protect the people of Yemen from grave human rights violations. It is surely time for the international community to recognize the problem and construct effective solutions.”



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