Hodeidah (YE) – The US-Saudi-led coalition, recently, launched a huge campaign on the West Coast in order to control Hodeidah port, which should be supporting more than 20 million Yemenis, to allow the entry of humanitarian aid despite that Aden port is under it control and aggravated the disaster that it created since 26 March 2015. whereas violations and war crimes witnessed the West Coast.
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Credit: YemenExtra

Firstly, the military intervention by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Yemen ,since 26 March 2015, has created a difficult ,harsh and inhuman humanitarian situation to all Yemenis and severely affected the poor and the poorest and most vulnerable in Yemen , whereas at the forefront of those poor people are those who depend on fishing in the Yemeni coast , especially the people of Hodeidah (from Al-Mukhaa to Midi about 150 miles). They live in straw houses and are deceived by trees, whereas the first images of their suffering appeared in the form of famine and acute malnutrition that have claimed the lives of thousands of children, under the age of five, and the elderly ,over the age of 50 years , amid a big shortage that reached 50% and failure by the international community to support the specific response plan for Yemen in the years 16, 17 and 2018, which means that 50% of the needs of the population in food and medicine and the requirements to address the deteriorating humanitarian situation did not find someone to cover them , so those needy ,poor and desperately needed food and medicine , as a result many of them faced death, whereas the number of deaths in Yemen due to the humanitarian situation, hunger and disease reached over one million, mostly elderly and children.

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Secondly, hundreds of fishermen were killed by the jets and battleship bombing on the Red Sea fishing boats, the coasts and the islands opposite Hodeidah, whereas 350 fishermen were killed and 350 boats were destroyed by air and sea bombardment on the coast of Hodeidah.

Thirdly, forced displacement of the coastal population after being deprived of their livelihood in terms of the sea fishing over the past 3 years was seen ;the cruel and inhuman suffering was intensified due to the recent attacks during the last two months ;the coast of Hodeidah witnessed escalation ,where the air and sea bombing ; and armed troops and groups vehicles and military vehicles belonging to the UAE and Saudi forces , the so-called “The Giants”, a group of Salafis, entered and went to the villages, houses, farms in Tahita, Jaha, the villages of Al-Mughars, Majlis, Al-Fayza, Taif, Al-Mandar and Al-Durahemi to carry out the displacement of the residents from their homes, whereas (200,000 residents, including women and children) were displaced. These groups took over the houses and the farmers’ villages and made them an arena for armed conflict without any practical objective or any progress of this military intervention but caused victims, the grave violations and the war crimes with the air and sea bombardment, which made the military process of any solutions or changes in Yemen is difficult and impossible amid the refusal of the people for this intervention and military operations.

Finally, armed groups belonging to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which use paid fighters from countries such as Sudan or foreign companies as Blackwater and terrorist groups carried out terrorist acts of violence, looting, and rape documented in AL-Khokhah and West Coast, Tihama.

Sayyd Abdulmalik al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthi(Ansarallah) movement, which is the main force that faces the coalition, said on a TV speech ,” The decision of invading the Yemeni, western coast, has been taken and adopted by the United States of America, noting that the Saudis are trying to abolish Yemen’s freedom,” stressing that it was the people of Yemen’s right to defend their country.

“We are increasingly concerned by the fighting in Hodeidah,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said at a press conference held on Wednesday.

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Dujarric also warned of the repercussions on the humanitarian situation

“The occurrence of a battle in Hodeidah, in the west of Yemen, could lead to the destruction of the port, which in turn will send millions to starvation,” said the British newspaper, The Independent.
Even if the UK warned against attacking the vital port of Hodeidah, we bear responsibility for the horrors of this war, according to a report issued by the Guardian on June 17.

This post was originally written for and published by Yemen Extra and appears here with permission.