Detroit (GPA) – Turkey has long been on a path in Syria set by their own interests.

This reading list of Turkey Geopolitics Alert stories will help you better understand the recent history of Turkey and its involvement in the Syrian war.

Turkey geopolitics; from NATO satellite to regional power

Erdogan’s rise to power

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Obama years of the Syrian war

  • Working in league with US to support terror groups across Syria in order to initiate regime change in Damascus, Turkey became the main entry point for those seeking to join Jihadist organizations including the Islamic State: Leaked Audio of John Kerry Proves Obama Allowed IS to Grow
  • Relations between Ankara and Washington started to wane following the downing of a Russian fighter jet over the Syria-Turkey border (as well as other factors) and NATO basically left Turkey to deal with the incident on their own. Relations also backslid with the EU and Turkey’s membership prospects now are basically non-existent: European Parliament Votes to Halt Talks on Turkey’s Membership in EU

US backs YPG as Turks go with Jihadists

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Turkey grows closer to Russia

Turkey’s relations with Damascus and peace talks

Kurds history of being abandoned by US

Trump’s attempt at Syria policy

Safe zone and latest moves