(GPA) Beijing – One of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises that appealed to the conservative establishment was his position on the Paris climate accords.

Trump acknowledged that if there were to be a shift on world policy towards climate change then it would need to be lead by the largest world powers, which he then promptly said America wouldn’t be doing. Of course after this, Trump also stated that he believed climate change was a hoax concocted by the Chinese to cripple the American fossil fuel industry.

Now after Trump’s victory, China is responding to the outrageous claims made by the president elect by showing that they’re willing to be the the world power that leads the reduction of the harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.

It was the US and China’s commitment – as the two leading producers of toxic emissions – to the negotiations in Paris that encouraged over 200 other countries to sign on. Now with the election of a climate change denier (and a party that believes the same) to the highest offices in the US, China has announced it will spearhead the emissions reductions even if the US won’t.

A spokesman for Beijing made clear in a statement on Friday, that the commitment for the good of the “global community” was still a priority to China and that “any movement by the new US government” would not change their position on building a less harmful economy.

Surely some critics, like Trump, in the US will say this is Chinese blustering and propaganda to make the US look weak. China on the other hand is already countering this argument by taking actions to back up their words.

China has now earmarked around 580 million yuan (or $58 billion USD) towards helping developing countries in places like Africa with projects to help prepare for effects of climate change and reduce future emissions.

One of the deputy chiefs from China to the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP 22), Xie Ji stated on Nov. 7th that there were already concrete plans to aid developing countries such as helping “build up ten low-carbon pilot zones, launch 100 climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, and offer training programs for 1,000 climate-related professionals.”

This newest commitment to the “south-south” partnerships exceeds already pledged US commitments to the cause of fighting climate change. So if China had fabricated climate change as the president elect has suggested, they sure are spending a lot of their own money to combat it in serious ways.


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