Washington DC (GPA) – 2017 was a busy year. Here are the Geopolitics Alert best-performing pieces of 2017. Thanks for reading. Here’s to a 2018 full of resistance against US imperialism.

10. Instead of Speculating on Trump’s Future War Crimes, Let’s Look at Obama’s

In the final year of President, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama’s term in office, the US dropped a record number of bombs in seven different countries.

9. Saudi Arabia Just Killed 80+ of Their Own Forces in Yemen Airstrikes

Saudi Arabia turns on their mercenaries by striking nearly 100 troops in Yemen.

8. A History of the 67 Year Build Up of Trump’s ‘Korean War’

There are rumors that when President-elect Donald Trump first met with then President Barack Obama, Trump was allegedly warned that there would be one major geopolitical hot spot that was likely to become a Gordian knot for the incoming regime. This eternal puzzle for the US global empire is, of course, the Democratic People’s’ Republic of Korea (or DPRK), the state with one of the strongest records of absolute rejection and resistance to western capital and subversion.

7. Yemeni Forces Strike Saudi Oil Refinery with Long-Range Missile

In retaliation for the Saudi’s ongoing aggression against Yemen, Yemeni forces targeted an Aramco Saudi oil refinery in Yanbu province with a long-range ballistic missile.

6. Saudis Did NOT Intercept Yemeni Missile

In retaliation for the ongoing airstrike campaign, aggression, and siege, Yemen’s resistance struck the King Khalid International Airport with a homemade, long-range ballistic missile.

5. Debunking the ‘Proof’ of Assad’s Chemical Weapons

This is a quick and simple breakdown of why everyone should question the supposed facts presented this past week, and helps our readers educate their friends and family who immediately went all in on the propaganda.

4. Leaked Audio of John Kerry Proves Obama Allowed IS to Grow

Audio has been released of a full conversation between US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Syrian Opposition at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations. The crucial portion that was initially left out included Kerry detailing how the Obama administration allowed the Islamic State (IS) and other militant groups to grow in the hopes of forcing Syrian President Bashar Assad to capitulate to US demands.

3. Yemeni Forces Hit Saudi F-15 Fighter Jet en Route to Drop Bombs

Yemeni forces shot a Saudi F-15 fighter jet en route to drop bombs in May. YouTube has since removed the video.

2. The Saudis are Bombing Their Own People and Nobody’s Talking About It

The happenings in Awamiyah only further demonstrate not only the Saudis’ intolerant disregard for human life but also their genocidal tendencies as they move further towards an apartheid state within their own borders.


1. A History of John McCain’s Calls for War

Notorious war hawk US Senator John McCain (R-Az) was diagnosed with brain cancer. While the liberal and conservative establishments are sending their regards, Geopolitics Alert instead compiled a list of reasons why we don’t care about McCain.