(GPA) Damascus – As the Syrian army continues to investigate the formerly ‘rebel held’ neighborhoods of East Aleppo, they have found stockpiles of possible chemical weapons agents produced by a Saudi Arabian company.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that Syrian soldiers found chemical compounds in the recently evacuated areas of East Aleppo. The bags of chemicals reportedly include substances that could have been used for both making explosives and as chemical warfare agents.

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Included in the stockpile were bags of both sulfur and chlorine as well as materials to make plastic granules for packing explosives. The chemicals were still in the original manufacturer’s packaging which apparently originated from the ‘Sachlo’ company, which is based in Riyadh.

This isn’t the first stockpile of toxic chemicals found in formerly terrorist held areas of Syria. Just last month another stockpile inside of a school in the Masaken Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo. It has also previously been confirmed that several groups, such as the Islamic State and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly al Nusra), have already used chemical agents to target civilians in the Aleppo province.

The imperialist powers behind the war in Syria haven’t been able to completely ignore these claims and even the UN had to send inspectors to former jihadist territory to investigate the use of chemical weapons. Although the US won’t wholly admit use of chemical weapons by their ‘rebel’ allies, it is well know that Western based security contractors were used to train these groups in the securing and handling of chemical weapons components and stockpiles. The US claims the reasoning of this program was to keep the weapons away from more radical groups but, even Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted (behind closed doors)  that many allied rebel groups have worked with terrorists known to use chemical agents.

In what seems like a possible response to these new revelations by the Syrian army, Western media began throwing around their own allegations of supposed proof of the use of Bashar Assad and his brother being tied directly to the use of chemical weapons. Yet, as with much of the previous ‘evidence’ against the Syrian government this is seemingly another loose accusation backed up by nothing.

The allegations stemmed from a Reuters piece published on Friday, which basically said that a Reuters reporter had heard about some solid evidence from someone. According to the article there was a list of commanders who authorized the use of chemical weapons that was “seen by Reuters but has not been made public.” Then the following paragraph is a single sentence which invalidates the entire piece, that reads “Reuters was unable to independently review the evidence or to verify it.”

The US doesn’t seem to care about this seeming lack of evidence and has used it to again ramp up economic warfare on the Syrian government. The Obama administration quietly sanctioned 18 Syrian officials over the weekend. According to White House national security council spokesman Ned Price, US officials “condemn in the strongest possible terms the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons,” but continue to fail to address the crimes committed by their “moderate” proxies.


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