Damascus (TLS) – The request comes a day after a U.S.-led airstrike claimed the lives of 43 civilians residing in Raqqa, Syria.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry repeated their request that the U.S.-backed coalitionbe disbanded by a U.N. Sunday, citing crimes committed against civilians in their bid to put an end to U.S. involvement in Syria’s six-year long civil war, according to the official news agency SANA.

The request comes a day after a U.S.-led airstrike claimed the lives of 43 civilians residing in Raqqa.

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In making its petition to the U.N., the Syrian Foreign Ministry urged the “immediate dismantling of the coalition that has been formed without the request of the Syrian government and outside the framework of the U.N.,” according to Xinhua Net.

The government also noted that “the U.S. systematic massacres against Syrian civilians constitutes a flagrant violation of the international law.”

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Several incidents where civilian casualties resulting from U.S.-coalition airstrikes were cited, including in the provinces of Hasakah, Aleppo, Deir al-Zour, and Raqqa.

At least 744 civilians were killed in strikes in Syria and Iraq in June by the U.S.-led coalition that claims to be fighting the Islamic State group, according to Airwars.

“Across Iraq and Syria, Airwars tracked a record 223 alleged Coalition casualty events during June, likely killing a minimum of between 529 and 744 civilians — a rise of 52 percent on May’s estimated totals,” the London-based group of researchers and journalists said, adding, “June was the second deadliest month for civilians in Iraq and Syria since the start of Coalition actions in August 2014.”

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The reported death toll is higher than that claimed by the U.S.-led coalition, which now includes strategic support from all 28 NATO member states, according to the Independent.

In July, the U.S.-led forces released its monthly report stating that strikes had unintentionally killed at least 603 civilians between August 2014 and May 2017.

This post originally ran on teleSUR.