Damascus (TNA– The Syrian forces and their allies continued to make gains in their fight against Takfiri terrorist in the Eastern Ghouta district, managing to retake one more area in the Damascus suburb area.
Syrian soldier in Ghouta
Image: Tasnim

According to Tasnim dispatches, Syrian forces stepped up their attack against the terrorists on Tuesday in Eastern Ghouta and succeeded in retaking al-Muhammadiya town after heavy clashes with them.

The Arab country’s troops are pushing ahead with their gains there despite underground tunnels dug by the terrorists to slow their pace.

The report added that the Syrian armed forces are now moving towards the areas of Hosh al-Ashari and Jisreem in Ghouta.

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syrian army ghouta tasnim

syrian army ghouta tasnim

syrian army ghouta tasnim

syrian army ghouta tasnim

All images courtesy of Tasnim News Agency.

The army has also managed to cut off al-Nusra terrorists’ supply route in the district, according to the report.

In the past few days, Eastern Ghouta near Damascus has witnessed renewed violence with terrorists mounting repeated mortar attacks on the Syrian capital in the face of an imminent rout. Western powers, however, blame the Syrian government and Russia for the crisis.

The Syrian air force recently dropped millions of leaflets on the district informing civilians about a safe humanitarian corridor prepared for their evacuation under a Russian-proposed humanitarian pause.

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The leaflets contained instructions for the citizens urging them to leave Eastern Ghouta through al-Wafideen Camp, according to the report carried by SANA on Friday.

Takfiri militants are under siege in Eastern Ghouta, along with an estimated 400,000 civilians.

On Sunday, The Russian military said militants based in the Damascus suburb have imposed a curfew during humanitarian pauses to prevent civilians from leaving the enclave.

The militants have also banned mass gatherings of civilians, Interfax quoted Russian Major-General Vladimir Zolotukhin as saying.

Russia has designated four safe passage routes in Eastern Ghouta after a ceasefire was declared across Syria by the United Nations Security Council.

This post was originally written for and published by Tasnim News Agency.