Damascus (GPA) – Damascus is apparently tired of being called “Iran” by Tel Aviv and has decided to show the Israeli Defense Forces occupying the Golan Heights what they can do (again).

Yesterday, almost immediately after the baying dementia patient leading the criminal US Regime decided to leave the nuclear deal with Iran, Israeli forces launched an illegal attack on what they claimed were “Iranian facilities” in Syria. Today, Syria has decided to show the Israelis what a Syrian missile actually looks like up close.

The target selected for this by the Syrian Arab Army is the area still inside Syria that has been illegally occupied by Israel since the 60’s: Syrian Golan Heights. There is constant tension in this area since it is the same one where Israel also openly funds takfiris to wage war against the Syrian Arab Army as the Zionist airforce acts on behalf of terrorists.

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Since there’s constant shelling in this area by Israel it only makes sense that Syria would target it. They did so Wednesday night, firing 20 rockets on Israeli positions. Israeli and US media claims the missiles were fired by Iran but multiple Resistance sources say it was Damascus. Below is video:

Twitter-Rowan Van Dijk

Israel Strikes Back

Israel has apparently retaliated for these attacks tonight, firing rockets at Damascus from fighter jets in the Golan Heights area. It is unclear what the next step in escalation may be but we will keep you posted with updates to this article.

8:58 pm Est.

The Israelis claim to be striking several targets where they claim Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps forces are located. Tel Aviv was likely awaiting the Syrian response and was hoping to use it as an excuse. This was basically expressed yesterday by IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus, who said on Twitter:

The sites targeted by the Zionists so far are that allegedly are IRGC or Hezbollah operated include Al Dumeer Military Airport and two other sites in Kiswah, south of Damascus.

9:55 pm Est.

The Syrian Arab Army says Israel also targeted several radar sites that are part of the nation’s air defenses. According to state media, several crucial radar sites were hit despite Syrian Air Defenses targeting the missiles. Video and photos of the air defenses below.

10:27 pm Est.

According to the latest reports, Syria has launched another retaliatory attack on the Golan Heights. According to Al Masdar News:

While the Syrian military is doing the bulk of the work, the Iranian forces in Syria are believed to be participating in these retaliatory strikes against Israel.