Damascus (GPA) – The sparse coverage of the Sweida attack by Daesh in the US media has left out some of the most horrifying details only made clear in the aftermath.
sweida attack druze women
Druze women captured in Sweida attack
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Many people in the US may have heard about the most recent wave of suicide bombings by Daesh (ISIS) in the Syrian city of Sweida but the US media has failed to follow up on the events in the days since. In this failure, they have lacked in providing coverage of some of the worst parts of this attack which are still ongoing.

While US media did report on Wednesday’s attack and the dozens of deaths and hundreds injured there has been surprising silence on the ongoing terror.

The Sweida attack

Before covering the kidnappings that happened during the confusion following Wednesday’s attack, it is important to know exactly what happened in Sweida when a group of Daesh militants launched their attack on the city. The attacks started in the early hours of the day and primarily targeted an open-air market beginning with a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.

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More suicide bombings followed this initial attack by the motorcycle killing an estimated 250 people. As the bombing and fighting continued throughout the day the Syrian security forces responded – along with help provided by around 90 armed locals – in order to stop further attacks. This resulted in some success, with authorities killing two men in suicide vests before they could manage to detonate them.

The attack lasted over 12 hours and while the US media did cover the suicide bombings, this extensive assault by Daesh also included a host of other atrocities. Most shocking of the reported horrors in the Sweida attack is the apparent door to door sweeps conducted by Daesh, who were searching homes for members of the minority Druze population.

Much of the western media has failed to cover this aspect of the attack, likely because they aren’t actually sympathetic to the victims of terror in Syria since it doesn’t fit their narrative. Even the few outlets that did report extensively on the Sweida attack, used it as a chance to bash the Syrian government. One shining example of this is the Guardian, which spun the Sweida attack into some kind of demonstration of “incompetence” in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) for failing to predict the surprise attack by the Zionist proxy.

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Speaking of the Zionists, there is also suspicion that the Sweida attack wasn’t a surprise to Tel Aviv. This is primarily due to events immediately after the assault on the city, when the Israeli Airforce stopped advances of the SAA against terrorists near the occupied Golan Heights. According to Israel this second attack in a span of two days – following the downing of a Syrian jet on the 24th – was in response to rockets fired from Syria landing in Israel but the fact that the Israeli assault basically coincided with Daesh’s has left many with suspicions. The area of the Golan where Israel’s attacks on the SAA took place, the Yarmouk Basin, is also where the takfiris that escaped the Sweida attack retreated too.

Druze women taken hostage

The fight between Daesh and the SAA near Sweida still isn’t over (although the US media is apparently done covering it) as the military is still pursuing the takfiris. This pursuit is moving faster than usual now due to the fact that during the confusion of Wednesday’s attacks, Daesh kidnapped 14 Druze women which they later announced on social media.

The Druze minority is often the target of Daesh and their women have been captured before to be used as sex slaves and tortured by Daesh. While western news-media, Hollywood, and politicians were all over the #BringBackOurGirls campaign when Boko Haram captured dozens of young students, many have pointed out that there is a deafening silence on this latest kidnapping by violent jihadists.

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Daesh announced the capture of the women shortly after the attack, sending out photos of each one to their families via WhatsApp. The terror group is may also be using the women as human shields (as well as whatever else they may be doing) since the SAA recently denied this grouping of terrorists safe passage towards the Tanf desert.

Regardless of what the terrorists want, the fate of these Druze women is now in the hands of the Syrian Arab Army since the western powers would rather provide cover for Daesh than defeat them. All we can do now is hope the SAA reaches these innocent women before the Zionists and their lapdogs don’t kill them.


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