Riyadh (GPA) – A university survey was recently conducted in Saudi Arabia, about who Saudis want to have as their country’s next ruler.

About one million people took part in the survey, here is an outline of some of the results:

  • 91% of people want the Al Saud family to keep ruling the kingdom and 9% want a regime change.
  • Saudi citizens think that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, Muhammad bin Nayef, Mohammad Bin Salman, and Mutaib bin Abdullah are the most popular politicians based on their personality, former positions and their status in the tribe.
  • Saudi Arabia’s international image has been badly tarnished over the last year, especially after the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Moreover, Mohammad Bin Salman’s development plans inside the framework of the 2030 Agenda turned out as a failure. Now, 53% of Saudi citizens believe if Ahmed bin Abdulaziz comes to power, he might be able to repair Saudi’s destroyed image.
  • 30% of Saudi citizens think Muhammad bin Nayef is a good replacement for Mohammad Bin Salman because they believe Nayef did a good job as the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of Saudi Arabia.

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  • Saudi citizens think that Muhammad bin Nayef is also a good candidate for becoming Saudi’s next king because he can restore some of the powers of the Al ash-Sheikh and revive some of the long-lost religious and cultural traditions.
  • Most Saudis think that Mohammad Bin Salman has done a poor job over the last few years and only 14% of people think he is a good candidate for becoming the next king. The wrong policies of Mohammad Bin Salman have exasperated some of the issues such as poverty, unemployment, and inflation and have led to widespread corruption and immorality in society; many social, political and religious activists were executed over his term. His policies have also made Saudi Arabia fail in many of its key confrontations in the Middle East, such as the Yemen War.
  • Finally, 3% of Saudis want Mutaib bin Abdullah to gain power. He is the third son of King Abdullah and served as Saudi’s Minister of the National Guard.

While it’s not clear how much these factors will matter since Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a democracy it does seem that once MBS does take power he may lack the stability he has been promising.

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