Clashes at the Pakistan/Afghanistan Border

Afghan and Pakistani military have been fighting along the border for the past few days. Four have died so far. Each side blames the other for initiating the conflict which began on Sunday and appears to be over Pakistan’s construction of a new guard post and border crossing. Afghanistan has repeatedly accused Pakistan of assisting or harboring Taliban members– contributing to the current insurgency and violence in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies this claim and states the border construction is necessary in order to stop the flow of militants and drugs. Constructing anything along the border is difficult, however, as Afghanistan doesn’t agree with the internationally recognized border– which was imposed by British colonialists back in 1893.

Taliban takes notes from IS fear tactics

Meanwhile, the Taliban resorted to more barbaric actions when they skinned a man alive before killing him this week. The insurgent group states it would be open to peace negotiations on two conditions: all foreign troops leave the country; Sharia-based law is established. These demands are not new. The United States has responded by increasing air strikes and plans to have a military role in the country until at least 2020 which could include combat troops. The Taliban has pledged to keep fighting as long as the United States is present in Afghanistan.

Iran is Worried About the U.S. Election

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Iran will scrap the nuclear agreement depending on the outcome of the next United States election. From Iran’s perspective, neither side looks good. A Republican in office would scrutinize or gut the current nuclear deal. On the other hand, the Ayatollah is worried about Hillary Clinton’s relationship to Israel; pointing to when the Presidential candidate gave a speech to a pro-Israel lobbying group in which she stated Iran was a threat to Israel and needed to be “closely watched.”

Israel Cuts off Water to West Bank

Some areas haven’t had access to water in over 40 days.  Israel has controlled the West Bank’s and Gaza Strip’s water supply since 1967. This appears to be another form of collective punishment Israel is dishing out for the Palestinians as a reaction to the Tel Aviv shooting last week. Last week Israel cancelled 83,000 Palestinian’s permits to leave occupied areas. They also suspended about 240 work permits.

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