Washington (GPA– After just over a month, the US State Department has returned to their previous policy of funding the White Helmets.
funding the white helmets
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Last month it was announced that Washington would freeze funds set aside for the “Syrian Civil Defense” organization, better known as the White Helmets. This was a welcomed development due to the organization’s function as a public relations wing of al Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria.

The decision to freeze the funding was applauded by those who support the Syrian government in their fight against terror and was seen as one of US President Donald Trump’s few wise Syria policy positions. The decision to freeze the funds was surprising since Trump had just carried out his worst designs in Syria with joint US-UK-French bombing runs on “chemical weapons facilities,” but it was a welcome development all the same.

Now it seems as if someone in the White House has reached Trump and convinced him to continue funneling money to the jihadist forces and carry on former-President Obama’s regime change strategy. The fact that this strategy is a failure didn’t seem to stop whoever wanted the funding restarted so it is safe to assume someone deep in the military-industrial-complex brought this issue to the attention of Donald Trump, a man who likely had no idea who was behind funding the White Helmets as he took office.

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Whoever influenced Trump to restart the funding also had another ally on their side: “the international community.”

If someone in favor of the White Helmets in the Trump regime was waiting for a perfect time to propose aiding them again, yesterday’s report by the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons‘ (OPCW) played a large part in the decision. The OPCW’s report alleges that the organization had confirmed the use of sarin gas in Syria in April, which the White Helmets “specialize” in responding too.

So, ignoring the fact that the White Helmets are always the first to respond to gas attacks because they’re the ones who stage them, you could see why someone who doesn’t know any better, like Trump, would think reinstating funding is a good idea.

However, this is obviously a terrible idea and unfreezing these funds is basically Washington sending money to al Qaeda through a front group. The White Helmets, who only operate in al Qaeda territory, have yet to show what they need this promised $6 million for but those in the know are fully aware. Trump has revived al Qaeda in Syria and the innocent there will suffer the most.

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You can read the full statement by USAID below:


Thursday, June 14, 2018
Office of Press Relations

The President has authorized the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to release approximately $6.25 million for the continuation of life-saving operations of the Syrian Civil Defense, more commonly known as the “White Helmets” — an internationally renowned non-governmental organization composed of over 3,000 volunteer first-responders.

These funds will provide the White Helmets with critical equipment, vehicles, and other assistance needed to continue their work to save lives. USAID has provided over $33 million in financial assistance to the White Helmets since 2013. We are proud to support these heroic first-responders, who have saved more than 114,000 lives since the conflict began, including victims of the Assad regime’s brutal chemical-weapons attacks.